Council chooses projects for $1 million drought funding

Council resolved to apply for funding for three projects totalling $1 million as part of the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program Grant.

The projects that Council will seek funding for include $245,000 for an automated public toilet/accessible toilet for the Dubbo CBD, $560,000 for a water supply for Stuart Town and $195,000 for shade sails at the Dubbo Regional Livestock markets.

“These three projects were chosen to ensure they meet the Federal Government’s funding criteria, focusing mainly on reducing the financial impacts of this terrible drought,” Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields said.

“We are very thankful to the Federal Government for this injection that will allow the completion of some important projects and give the community a timely boost.”

If funding is received, the new toilets would be installed at Church Street to improve convenience for shoppers in the CBD area. Currently there are no public toilets available in the area and shoppers have to facilities in shopping centres or stores.

The allocation for a water source for Stuart Town would allow a bore and storage tank to be installed to provide non-potable (not for human consumption) water for 250 residents of the village.

It would allow residents to collect water from the storage tank for uses such as livestock consumption and gardening while keeping their own supply of potable water exclusively for human use.

The proposal to install shade sails at the Regional Livestock Markets involves the construction of shade structures over the cattle yard and would complement existing infrastructure. It would improve animal welfare and productivity at the facility.

“All three projects are very deserving and will have long-term benefits for the region. I am particularly pleased to see Stuart Town get the funding they need to improve the lives of locals but also help them attract tourists to the village,” Councillor Shields said.

“In the future I want to see Council install a full drinking water supply for Stuart Town to bring it into line with other villages but that will be a substantial cost that we have to plan for so the proposed project is an effective short-term measure.”

Last Edited: 27 Nov 2018

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