Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – November 2018

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee and the Economic Development, Business and Corporate Committee on Monday 12 November 2018.

The meetings were chaired by Councillor Lawrence.


Building Summary

The Committee considered and noted the Building Summary for October 1 – October 30 2018.

During October 2018 Dubbo Regional Council approved 61 development applications with a total a value of $5,367,150.

The public are also reminded that development applications, construction certificates and complying development certificates are tracked online and can be accessed at any time via Council’s Application Tracker:


Alternative to the use of Glyphosate for Council Operations



The committee noted a report by the Manager of Operations dated 22 October 2018. The Committee endorsed the continuation of research into alternatives and where appropriate execute trials to gather further evidence of alternatives. 



Financial Assistance Policy


The committee resolved to revoke the Financial and Inkind Assistance Policy and to adopt the revised Financial Assistance Policy following its public exhibition period from October 1 – 31 2018.

In the new policy the in-kind support by way of waiving of hire fees and charges has been removed however since the adoption of the previous policy Dubbo Regional Council has created an additional two channels of funding the community for apply for.

Extension of Evocities Program



The committee resolved to continue its participation in the Evocities program until 30 June 2023.

Since launching in September 2010, the Evocities have collectively welcomed 3,619 new households who contribute to the economies of the participating regional cities.

Council’s participation ensures we have the opportunity to continue to promote Dubbo, its jobs, lifestyle offer and investment opportunities. It also allows Council to leverage off the indirect benefits that arise from involvement in this program, which include enhancing and further developing relationships with the State and Federal Government and partner Council’s to assist in pursuing the strategic priorities for the region.


Last Edited: 13 Nov 2018

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