Council Meeting Outcomes – November 2018

Dubbo Regional Council held its Ordinary Council meeting on Monday 27 November 2018 in Dubbo.

The meeting, chaired by Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:


Mayoral Minute: Save our recycling

Council noted a Mayoral minute to support the Local Government NSW campaign to call on all political parties to commit to the reinvestment of 100% of the waste levy collected each year by the NSW Government into waste management, recycling and resource recovery.


Mayoral Minute: Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund

Mayor Ben Shields announced that Dubbo Regional Council has been advised an expression of interest on project ‘Destination Dubbo – International Ready’ made to the NSW Government has been successful to progress to a business case under the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund.

Council authorised the CEO to submit a business case to the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund following an appropriate internal feasibility review.


Mayoral Minute: Waiving of Council imposed burial fees at Dubbo Regional Council cemeteries

Council considered a Mayoral minute and resolved to waive Council imposed burial fees at Dubbo Regional Council cemeteries for infants of infants up to 12 months of age. This policy will include both burial and ashes interment in the instance of cremation.


Footpath Surrounding Maranatha House Aged Care facility, Wellington - Petition

Council has noted a petition regarding support for a cement footpath around Maranatha House Aged Care Facility in Wellington.

Council recently received a petition from Maranatha House seeking support for the construction of a cement footpath around the facility to allow residents to walk outside safely, particularly residents with walkers or in wheel chairs.


2017/2018 Annual Report (including statutory reporting requirements)

Council has adopted the 2017/2018 Annual Report. 2017/2018 was the first year Dubbo Regional Council operated a combined Operational Plan. Significant community consultation was completed in order to develop, review and adopt a Community Strategic Plan and a three year Delivery Program which came into effect in July 2018.

All Councils are obliged in New South Wales to prepare an Annual report within five months of the end of each financial year. A list of the major projects are highlighted in the report which is available on Council’s website.


Farmland – Ratepayers Assistance

Council noted that under provisions of the NSW local Government Act 1993 Council is not permitted to provide direct rate relief to farmland ratepayers. Council encourages farmland ratepayers experiencing difficulties due to current drought conditions to contact Council for assistance under Council’s hardship policy.


Drought Communities Program Grant Opportunity

As part of the Federal Government’s $1.8billion drought support package, $81 million has been allocated to support communities in the most drought affected regions in Australia. This provides 81 Councils with $1 million.

Council agreed to apply for funding for the following projects under the Drought Communities Program Grant.

  • Automated public toilet/accessible toilet for people with disabilities in Church Street $245,000

  • Water Supply in Stuart Town $560,000

  • Shade Sails at the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets $195,000


Laneway closures

Dubbo Regional Council has resolved to permanently close the following laneways on the basis of ongoing anti-social and criminal behaviour and safety concerns raised by local residents.

  • Between 36 and 38 Twickenham Drive, East Dubbo

  • Between 11 and 12 Kookaburra Close, South Dubbo

  • Between Sturt Circle Davidson Drive, East Dubbo


Dubbo City Regional Airport Unnamed Roads

Council has adopted unnamed roads at Dubbo Regional Airport as Walters Way, Weyand Drive and Howe Circuit to recognise three men for their contribution to the Airport and Emergency Services precinct that is under development; Olaf Weyand, Noel Howe and Max Walters.

The names have been suggested after consultation with airport stakeholders, airport newsletter subscribers and the Dubbo Aero Club members. Initial investigations have been conducted with the Geographical Names Board NSW to ensure that the suggested names are acceptable.


CCTV Cameras in nominated Neighbourhood Shopping Areas

Council has noted a report from the Manager of Social Services about suitability of the installation of CCTV in all recognised neighbourhood shopping precincts.

Council as per the recommendations of the NSW Government Policy Statement agreed to obtain independent legal advice on the issue of potential future liability claims made against Council. 

Council also resolved that prior to installing CCTV camera systems in the neighbourhood shopping precincts they will partner with Dubbo Police Crime Prevention Officer and complete a crime prevention environmental design audit. Council will also consider the CCTV program currently undertaken in Bathurst.

A policy will be developed for the implementation of the Bathurst model in the Dubbo Regional Council area with the draft policy to be considered by Council at a future meeting of Council.


Alcohol Free Zones

Council has determined to re-establish Alcohol Free Zones in the Dubbo CBD, West Dubbo Commercial Area and six (6) neighbourhood shopping centre precinct to cover public roadways, foot paths and car parks for a four (4) year period for every day of the week, 24 hours a day from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2022 inclusive.

Council also agreed to lease a section of public area for use as a restaurant under Section 125 of the Roads Act 1993 overriding the provisions of an alcohol free zone.


CBD Car Parking Areas Lighting

Council noted an auditing report on the 16 car parking areas owned by Dubbo Regional Council from the Manager of Infrastructure Strategy. The audit found there are a total of 58 lights, 12 of which are not working and have been reported to Essential Energy and five (5) car parking areas had no lights.  The audit also found a further five (5) car parking areas would benefit from additional lighting to improve safety.

Council will consider funding to develop a lighting strategy within CBD car parks in the 2019/2020 Council budget.


Proposed Taxi Zone – Talbragar Street Dubbo

Council resolved to allow the implementation of a part time ‘Taxi Zone’ on the southern side of Talbragar Street, immediately east of Gipps Street between the period of 6:00pm and 6:00am.

Two (2) separate requests for this implementation were received by Council.

Media Contact:

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields: 0418 639 053

Last Edited: 28 Nov 2018

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