Dubbo Regional Council celebrates new recycling service

The food and garden waste service (FOGO) is off to a great start with residents in the Dubbo Regional Council area now recycling their organic waste weekly.

Dubbo Regional Council is one of three councils in Central West NSW who introduced organics recycling this year as part of a regional collaboration to turn organic waste into compost, instead of landfill.

Dubbo Regional, Mid-Western Regional and Narromine Shire Councils all introduced the Food and Garden Waste bin in July with some 24,000 residents now recycling their organic waste with the service.

Records show that more than 1400 tonnes of organic waste has been collected since the service was introduced four months ago.

Dubbo Regional Council’s Manager of Solid Waste Mark Giebel said Council staff have been impressed by community uptake of the new bin, and particularly pleased with low contamination rates of the waste service.

“Recent reports to council show that contamination in the organics bin has been low since the service started, with only 2.3 percent recorded in its first month of operation. Three months into the service and this figure has dropped to approximately 1 percent,” said Mr Giebel.

Waste Processor for the three councils, JR Richards & Sons, say they aren’t stopping there.

“Within 12 months we expect to achieve around 0.5% contamination coming into the processing plant,” said, Greg Turner, Chief Operating Officer for JR Richards.

Once received by the Dubbo Regional Organics Processing Plant, organic waste is hand-sorted to remove any plastic contamination. The waste is then shredded, composted, matured and tested to meet Australian Standards. The final product is screened and wind sifted to complete the process.

“Keeping plastics out of the organics bin is important, particularly food packaging or other caddy liners. Never use other liners, even if they say ‘degradable’ or ‘biodegradable’, these products still contain plastic and won’t break down in the composting process,” said Mr Giebel.

As part of the waste service, the three councils supplied a kitchen caddy and compostable liners to help residents dispose of their food waste more easily. The council-provided liners are made from cornstarch and are Certified Compostable.

Council provides the compostable liners for free. Compost will be available in early 2019. Visit Dubbo Regional Councils website www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au  for more details.

Last Edited: 30 Nov 2018

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