Free Cuppa for the Driver will be back in 2019

The multi-award winning ‘Free Cuppa for the Driver’ scheme, finished up on 31 May and will return even bigger and better in March 2019.

The initiative offers a free cuppa to drivers who have travelled more than 100 kilometres from the address on their drivers’ licence, aimed at preventing fatigue related crashes

Drivers who participated in the initiative had the opportunity to enter the draw to win prize valued $600 and participating businesses who filled in the supplied survey went into the draw to win prize of $300.

The winners were drawn on June 20 by Sean Henderson, publican of the ‘Royal Hotel’ Binnaway NSW, a proud participating Free Cuppa business.

Congratulations to the winners this year:

  • Maria Bower, who claimed a free cuppa from ‘The Roadhouse on Riverside’ in Jugiong

  • White Rose Café in Dunedoo

The Free Cuppa for the Driver team would like to thank all drivers who had a break at a participating business as well as the participating businesses themselves and others who supported the initiative.

The success of Free Cuppa for the Driver in reducing fatigue-related crashes on NSW roads depends heavily on everyone’s support.

The mobile friendly Free Cuppa website was also a success this year by improving drivers’ access to information, about the initiative and participating businesses details along with competitions.

Businesses interested in participating next year can sign up for Free Cuppa 2018, by contacting the Free Cuppa team through

Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer, Jayne Bleechmore explained that even though Free Cuppa for the Driver has finished, drivers should still apply strategies to prevent becoming tired whilst driving.

One strategy can be factoring in breaks when planning long distance trips which can be at driver rest areas, cafés or Driver Reviver sites.

An interactive map which shows rest areas in NSW can be found by searching for ‘rest areas’ on the Roads and Maritime Services website,

Other strategies to prevent driving tired include:

  • Stop in a safe spot or rest area and have a 20 minute nap if early signs of fatigue are noticed such as:

    • Yawning

    • Restlessness

    • Heavy eyes and/or poor concentration

  • Share the driving on long distance trips

  • Get a good night’s sleep before your journey

  • Avoid driving at night when your body will naturally want to sleep

  • Avoid long drives after work

  • Find out if any medicine you are taking may affect your driving

If you would like to support participating Free Cuppa businesses outside of the ‘Free Cuppa for the Driver’ scheme, the locations and opening hours of the businesses are still available on the Free Cuppa website:  

Last Edited: 06 Jul 2018

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