‘Hold My Hand’ signage installed in Dubbo Parks

Dubbo Regional Council and the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation have joined hands to promote child pedestrian safety around parks and recreation areas.

Council staff have now installed 12 colourful “Hold My Hand” signs which are an initiative of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation.

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation works tirelessly on child pedestrian road safety initiatives with the Australian Government and Corporate organisations to target educational campaigns and projects for children and their families.

The “Hold My Hand” campaign specifically focuses on child pedestrian road safety to prevent the tragic loss of young lives due to road trauma.

“The impact of child loss has a deep effect, directly for families and in their communities and such tragic incidences are not easily forgotten” said Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation CEO, Michelle McLaughlin.

“The foundation is delighted to collaborate with Dubbo Regional Council in an effort to keep Australian children safe” said Ms McLaughlin.

The joint park signage campaign highlights the need for adults to remember to hold hands with children when they are near traffic. 

Dubbo Regional Council’s Road Safety Officer Jayne Bleechmore said children were among the most vulnerable group within the road environment.

“Children are hard to see and behave unpredictably making it challenging for drivers in the vicinity of such areas.

“Whether near the road, on the footpath, in car parks or around schools and parks, children, particularly 10 years and younger, need to hold hands with an adult,” said Ms Bleechmore.

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation was established by the McLaughlin family in 2014 following the tragic loss of their 4 year old son Tom in a pedestrian accident.

Last Edited: 24 Sep 2018

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