Mayor encourages all residents to take part in bridge survey

Dubbo residents who want to participate in Council’s survey about the proposal to construct the new Dubbo Bridge using the River Street route but don’t receive a rates notice may share their opinion by completing a survey at one of Council’s Customer Service Centres.

The Mayor of the Dubbo Region Ben Shields said extending the method for how surveys are collected provides an opportunity for those who don’t receive a rates notice directly to have their say.

“The survey is seeking to gauge community opinion about the selected route for the new Dubbo bridge and to understand if the proposed River Street crossing is supported by the broader community,” Councillor Shields said. “The survey was included in the rates notices as a cost-effective way to reach a large sample of the population,” Councillor Shields said.

“However, in the interest of ensuring there are ways for residents who don’t receive a rates notice I have been asking people to email me with their thoughts, but I have also made a number of survey forms available for collection.

“I would encourage everyone who wants to complete the survey and hasn’t received one in the mail to drop in collect one, fill it in and drop it in the box at reception.”

Ratepayers received their survey in their November rates notice and entries are already being returned to Council via the included reply paid envelope.

“I want everyone to understand the importance of this survey. We are giving residents the chance to have their say,” Councillor Shields said.

“The NSW Government has announced its intention to build a high-level bridge at River Street which is unlikely to remove any traffic from the congested Whylandra Street and may not be that useful during times of large floods.

“Council’s position is that a ring road including a high-level bridge could reduce congestion, speed up travel time for people using the Newell Highway and provide another crossing during times of major flooding.

Council will collate the results provided from ratepayers’ surveys, as well as those completed at customer service, as well as email contributions and provide feedback to the State Government to help inform them.

Residents who don’t receive a rates notice can have their say by emailing or by filling in a survey form, available at the Dubbo Regional Council Customer Service Centre on the corner of Darling and Church streets.

Last Edited: 06 Nov 2018

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