Statement regarding Dubbo Netball Amenities

The amenity block at Nita McGrath Netball Courts was constructed in the late 1960s / early 1970s and at the time its construction was able to meet the demands of the sporting public and spectators.  However due to its age and the growth of sport, especially Netball, the existing amenities are struggling to meet the increased demands. 

Dubbo Regional Council and the Dubbo Netball Association are aware of the current issues and have been working cooperatively over the past two (2) years to finalise a refurbishment plan for the Riverbank Amenities.  This plan was given the final approval by the Dubbo Netball Association earlier this year. 

Dubbo Netball Association and Dubbo Regional Council have been proactively applying for funding through grant opportunities as they arise.  In 2017 the Dubbo Netball Association, the Dubbo Netball Association was successful in securing $18,000 through the Stronger County Community (Community) Grants late 2017.  Dubbo Regional Council was also successful in securing $250,000 from Stronger Country Community Fund (Round 1), with this funding being announced in February 2018.

Due to the timing of the announcement of the funding a joint decision was made between Council and Dubbo Netball Association that refurbishment of the amenities would not commence until towards the end of the netball season in an effort to minimise the disruption of the amenity upgrade on the sport.  It is anticipated that the refurbishment will be completed by the end of December 2018.  To ensure that this timeline for completion is met tender documents for the refurbishment of the Riverbank Amenities are currently being advertised, with the closing date of Tuesday 5 June 2018.

As part of the refurbishment of the Riverbank Amenities six (6) additional toilets will be installed through the conversion of three (3) of the existing showers in each of the change rooms.  During major Netball carnivals both change rooms and the existing ladies toilets can be made available as female amenities.  Other improvements include the fitting of toilet seats to all toilets, new tiling within the change rooms and the relocation of the entrances to the toilets from the western side to the eastern side of the building to improve safety. A baby change facility will also be installed in the ladies change rooms.

Accessible toilet access will be available within the existing Netball and Touch football Clubhouse buildings. 

Dubbo Regional Council has a cleaning schedule that meets the general needs of the community.  For major events sporting codes are expected to either request additional servicing of the amenities, or make other arrangements such as additional toilets. 

Both Dubbo Regional Council and the Dubbo Netball Association are aware of the ongoing maintenance issues arising from the current amenities, and it is requested that all complaints go through the Dubbo Netball Association.


Communications Engagement and Stakeholder Team: 6801 4000

Last Edited: 08 Jun 2018

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