Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – February 2019

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, and the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee on Monday 11 February 2019.

The meetings were chaired by Councillor Lawrence.

Dubbo Regional Council held the meeting of Economic Development, Business and Corporate Committee chaired by Councillor Shields.



Building Summary

The Committee considered and noted the Building Summary for December 2018 and January 2019.

During December 2018 Dubbo Regional Council approved 47 development applications with a total a value of $42,000,179. In January 2019 Dubbo Regional Council approved 56 development applications with a total value of $29, 642,098.

The public are also reminded that development applications, construction certificates and complying development certificates are tracked online and can be accessed at any time via Council’s Application Tracker:

Additional Permitted Use – Animal Boarding or Training Establishment

The Committee resolved to support the Planning Proposal to include an animal boarding or training establishment as an additional permitted use on Lot 12 DP 114493, 31 Merrilea Road Dubbo. The planning proposal will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days.



Dubbo Regional Council 2018 Sister city student exchange visit to Minokamo

Council heard about the successful Minokomo trip that took place in October 2018. The trip saw ten students and two chaperones participate in the annual sister exchange program.

2019 Dubbo Motor Bike Rally

Council has approved a temporary road closure of Church St between Brisbane Street and the Cyril Flood Rotunda on Saturday 11 May 2019 to facilitate the 2019 Dubbo Motor Bike Rally.

ANZAC Day Ceremonies

Council granted approval to the Returned and Services League Sub-Branch in Dubbo, Wellington and the Stuart Town Advancement Association and Mumbil District Progress Association to undertake their respective Anzac Day Marches on Thursday 25 April 2019 and implement road closures and detours as conditioned by the Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police and Council's conditions of consent.

Wellington Memorial Pool Claret Ash Tree

Council resolved that based on the information provided the Claret Ash tree located directly behind the heritage pavilion be removed and replaced with an appropriate species at an advanced stage of development; and that an appropriate root vault and barriers be installed to provide favourable growing conditions and to prevent future damage to buildings, pools and associated infrastructure.

Playground Shade Improvement

Council adopted the report from the Manager of Recreation and Open Space dated 15 January 2019, proposing $1.1m expenditure for the implementation of a Playground and Facility Improvements Plan. The report stated Dubbo Regional Council maintains 29 playgrounds across its local government area and at present 20 of these have some form of shade either natural shading from trees or through artificial structure or both. The plan will look to address playgrounds without shade, install pathing systems and new amenity blocks in an identified park.

Dubbo Regional Sports Council – Playing Field Improvement Fund – Dubbo Athletics Club

Council approved a funding application to the Dubbo Regional Sports Council of $4,275 for the Dubbo Amateur Athletics Club.



Draft Policy for application and enquiries relating to events including protests, demonstrations and special events on the road network

Council adopted the policy for - Application and enquiries relating to events including protests, demonstrations and special events on the road network. The policy provides guidance to Council staff and members of the public regarding the requirements to conduct an event on public roads in the Dubbo Regional Council local government area. This policy also touches on the requirements to book facilities such as parks, ovals or other open space areas when held in conjunction with a road based special event.

Draft code of conduct and procedures for the administration of the code of conduct

Council adopted the report of the Internal Ombudsman dated 29 January excluding clause 3.12 for the purpose of public exhibition. The draft policy will be placed on public exhibition for no less than 28 days.

Media Contact:

Councillor Stephen Lawrence 0498 882 269
Councillor Ben Shields 0418 639 053

Last Edited: 12 Feb 2019

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