Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – September 2019

Council Committee Meeting Outcomes – September 2019

Planning, Development and Environment Committee

Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee

Economic Development, Business and Corporate Committee

Dubbo Regional Council held meetings of the Planning, Development and Environment Committee, and the Infrastructure, Community and Recreation Committee on Monday 9 August 2019.

The meetings were chaired by Councillor Lawrence.

Dubbo Regional Council held the meeting of Economic Development, Business and Corporate Committee chaired by Councillor Mohr.


Building Summary – August 2019

Council approved a total of 49 Development Applications (including Complying Development Certificates) for August 2019 at a value of $6,884,299

Naming of Thoroughfare for Southlakes Estate - Stages CC33 and CC34

Dubbo Regional Council has received a request from the developer to name the thoroughfare for Stages CC33 and CC34 at Southlakes Estate. The Estate is approximately 200 hectares and includes residential lots, parkland with both passive and recreation areas, walking and cycle paths, and permanent lakes

The committee resolved to approve the following names.

  • Road 1 – Rapids Parade

  • Road 2 – Strait Avenue

  • Road 3 – Canal Avenue

  • Road 4 – Reservoir Avenue

  • Road 5 – Peninsular Circuit

  • Road 6 – Billabong Crescent

  • Road 7 – Reef Avenue

  • Road 8 – Glacier Avenue

  • Road 9 – Wetland Avenue

  • Road 10 – Albina Way

  • Road 11 – Estuary Way

  • Road 12 – Channel Avenue

  • Road 13 – Menindee Avenue

  • Road 14 – Pedder Avenue

  • Road 15 – Tinaroo Avenue

  • Road 16 – Tyrrell Drive

  • Road 17 – Barrine Avenue

  • Road 18 – Mulwala Avenue

  • Road 19 – Cardinia Avenue

  • Road 20 – Gairdner Place

  • Road 21 – Carey Court

  • Road 22 – Barlee Circuit

  • Road 23 – Torrens Way

  • Road 24 – Geyser Crescent

  • Road 25 – Rain Court

  • Road 26 – Mist Court

The Committee determined that the approved names are to be advertised and government authorities notified in accordance with Section 162 of the Roads Act 1993 and the Roads Regulation 2008. Additionally that the developer be advised accordingly once approval under the Roads Regulation 2008 has been given.



New/Updated Macquarie River Flood Study

In 2012, Cardno completed an updated Macquarie River Flood Study for Council and adjacent areas. The study area extends from Angle Road downstream to Whylandra Creek, and several kilometres east along the Talbragar River. The Flood Study was undertaken to define the nature and extent of flooding and flood hazard for a range of design rainfall events. This Flood Study did not include calibration against the 2010 flood.

From November 2014 to October 2016, Cardno recalibrated their model to include observed flood levels from the December 2010 flood, and ran a number of different assessments. The latest study also uses data from a number of previous studies, the latest one and two dimensional hydrodynamic modelling techniques (which was not available in 2012) and comprehensive aerial laser survey data.

The committee determined that the digital maps generated by the 2019 Macquarie River Flood Study be placed on public exhibition on Council’s website for a period of six (6) weeks, commencing 23 September 2019.

Committee agreed that during the period of public exhibition two workshops be held with significant stakeholders and relevant government agencies to review the maps and gather feedback. That following the period of public exhibition, a report be presented to the December 2019 meeting of Council, detailing the outcomes of the public exhibition period and proposing a programme for the implementation of the Floodplain Risk Management Plan.

The committee resolved that in the interim, the model data be adopted for the purposes of zoning decisions in respect of any amendments to the Dubbo LEP 2011 and assessment of development applications in Flood Prone or Flood Affected areas.

Dubbo Triathlon Races 2019/2020

The Dubbo Triathlon Club is seeking approval to conduct the triathlon race season for 2019/2020 with the cycle leg along Bligh Street, Macquarie Street and Old Dubbo Road. The event starts, and finishes, at Ollie Robbins Oval comprising a Macquarie River swim, cycle ride along local roads and run along the river corridor.

The Committee agreed that the application of the Dubbo Triathlon Club be approved for the 2019/2020 season as conditioned by the NSW Police Service and the subject to conditions of Dubbo Regional Council.

Dubbo Airport Precinct - Proposed Directional Signage

In recent years the Dubbo Airport Precinct has experienced significant upgrades of the Terminal facilities and runway, with an ongoing development of numerous services and facilities within the general aviation area of the Airport via Judy Jakins Drive that now requires an enhanced directional signage scheme (white on blue) along Cooreena Road and Arthur Butler Drive.

That white on blue directional sings be installed in Cooreena Road in advance of the Arthur Butler Drive intersection, in Arthur Butler Drive in advance of the Cooreena Road intersection and at the Judy Jakins Drive intersection for Royal Flying Doctor Service, NSW Rural Fire Service Training Academy, Rural Fire Service, SES/VRA operations, proposed Police Training Facility and General Aviation.

It is recommended that Council approve the inclusion of the General Aviation, RFSTA, RFDS, RFS, SES/VRA operations, and proposed Police Training Facility as community and service facilities, and be included in Council’s existing Directional Signs Policy and that white on blue directional signs be installed in Cooreena Road in advance of the Arthur Butler Drive intersection, in Arthur Butler Drive in advance of the Cooreena Road intersection and at the Judy Jakins Drive intersection.

Council agreed to endorse this recommendation and determined existing Directional Signs Policy be updated to include the new signage.

The existing Royal Flying Doctor Service and Fire Control Centre directional signs are to be removed.

Aquatic Leisure Centres Usage Policy

Management and staff of the Aquatic Leisure Centres require a policy to outline a level of hierarchy for access to the Aquatic Leisure Centres for all users. Further the policy will assist in determining facility allocations (including lane allocations) for all requested bookings, whilst protecting community access, and will assist with protecting the integrity of Council run programs such as Learn to Swim from private competition.

The Committee meeting noted the report by Aquatic Leisure Centre Manager, dated 22 August 2019.

The Committee resolved to adopt the ‘Aquatic Leisure Centres Usage Policy’ and for it to be implemented for the 2019/2020 swimming season.

The Committee has requested a full review of this policy be undertaken at the end of the 2019/2020 season, with a further recommendation or report being presented for council. If anomalies become apparent during this season, that consultation with the Chief Executive Officer and the Director Liveability are undertaken to overcome unanticipated difficulties not covered in this Policy, prior to confirmation of facility use.

Dubbo Regional Recreation Strategy 2030

The Recreation Strategy 2030 sets out the vision and guiding principles for delivery of open space outcomes for recreation over the next 10 years.

The strategy was prepared in consultation with the NSW Office of Sport, the Dubbo and Wellington Sports Councils and community feedback.

The aim is to be practical and equitable in the delivery of sport across the region. It divides actions and outcomes into short (1-3 years), medium (3-6 years) and long (6-10) year deliverables. This includes actions for planning, continued support, maintenance and usage audits.

The Committee noted the report by the Manager Recreation and Open Space, dated 20 August 2019.

The Committee approved the Dubbo Regional Council Recreation Strategy for the purpose of public exhibition for 28 days, with a further report to Council following feedback from the community and any required amendments.

Tree Amenity Valuation on Public Trees

Trees located on public land within Dubbo, such as the park and street trees, are owned by the public and are managed on their behalf by Dubbo Regional Council.

It is also widely recognised that trees have an amenity value within a given landscape. Where the trees are located on municipal controlled land, this value resides within the public consciousness. Removal of trees within these public lands, whether it is as a result of vandalism or at the request of a Developer, in effect impoverishes the broader community and future generations.

The Committee noted the report from the Manager Recreation and Open Space dated 5 August 2019 and adopted the Tree Amenity Valuation on Public Trees be adopted and implemented, with any funds raised as a result of the policy placed in a Restricted Asset for future Street Tree planting.

The Committee determined that the Public Tree Removal – Amenity Valuation Policy is to be reviewed annually with the Chief Executive Officer having the authority to modify/strengthen the policy, as required, to reflect an increased knowledge base as the policy is implemented, and changing community expectations.


2018/2019 Budget Highlights Report

Council has conducted a review of actual income and expenditure to budget for the quarter and year end 30 June 2019 including its type and value of internally restricted assets. Formally, Council would adopt this information as provided in the Quarterly Business Review Statement. This report provides an opportunity to reflect on the year past and achievements for the year.

Council is required to formally adopt the type and value of its internally restricted assets, funds that Council has set aside for a future purpose.

The Committee adopted the information contained within the report of the Chief Financial Officer dated 29 August 2019.

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