After reviewing the current watering requirements and schedules for Dubbo Regional Council owned and operated parks and open spaces, Council has identified 11 sites across Dubbo and Wellington that will cease to be watered as part of water saving measures.

“In recent weeks Council has foreshadowed that residents across the LGA can start to expect to see browner and drier open spaces as the drought conditions worsen,” said Michael McMahon, CEO for Dubbo Regional Council.

“It will be a difficult thing for some people to see, however, the water crisis we face as a community is rapidly becoming extreme. This is a necessary water saving measure for Council to take,” he said.

The 11 sites that will cease to be watered include: Delroy West, Southlakes South, Elizabeth Park Outer, Theresa Maliphant Park, Spears Drive Park, Bennett’s Park, Lions Park West Park, South Dubbo Park, Wambool Park, and Teamsters Park and Apex Park in Wellington.

“Just like our community messaging is starting to ask residents to monitor their water meters and get an understanding of their own water usage and how they too can help by taking steps to reduce the pressure on the system, Council has effectively done the same,” said Mr McMahon.

“Council will also continually review watering times, frequency and necessity for water use across all of our operations, and if and when required, scale our water usage to stay below water demand and targets.”

Council is continuing to evaluate other methods of obtaining water for operational use to ease pressure on bore and river water, including the potential of accessing non-potable water (greywater) and recycled water for parks and playing fields, particularly if the region is required to move into higher water restrictions over time.

Meantime, with outdoor water usage accounting for 25-50% of the average home’s water use, Council is strongly encouraging residents to use the water saving resources online to assist with better planning gardens and better managing water use for gardens. 

Visit for information on: when to water, how much to water, watering systems, rainwater tanks, understanding greywater, mulch and compost, garden design, car washing and pools and spas.


Last Edited: 19 Sep 2019

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