Council Meeting Outcomes – April 2019

Dubbo Regional Council held its Ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 23 April in Dubbo.

The meeting, chaired by Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

Options to deter roosting of common Starlings in Macquarie Street Dubbo

Council have noted a report from the Manager of Operations dated 26 March.

Council has agreed the increased level of cleaning in Macquarie Street in response to the heightened bird splatter continue whilst working to achieve efficiencies in model design.

Council agreed to prune the Celtis Austalis trees to discourage roosting by the Starlings.

Council request that investigations in relation to the installation of lights in the trees and other deterrents such as anti-bird roosting spikes be explored for the known Starling issue areas in the CBD.

Council also endorsed an investigation into further practicalities and costs of conducting a trapping program to reduce overall Starling numbers.

Dubbo Regional Sports Council playing field improvement fund applications – Dubbo’s Rhino Rugby Club and Wellington Warriors Football Club

Council noted a report from the Recreation Coordinator dated 3 April 2019.

Council approved the application from the Dubbo Rhinos Rugby Club to the Dubbo Regional Sports Council Playing Field Improvement Fund West for $1,367 to purchase goal posts for Barden Park. The club will utilise the goal posts for training and trial games. The club have also indicated they will contribute $1,367 of their own funds to the project.

Council also approved the application from the Wellington Warriors Football Club to the Dubbo Regional Sports Council Playing Field Improvement Fund West for $5,000 to contribute toward additional lighting at Pioneer Oval in Wellington. The club has also indicated they will contribute further funds to the project.

Financial Assistance program – Round Two (2)

Council noted the report from the Administration Coordinator Community and Recreation dated 27 March 2019.

Council determined to allocate funds from the 2018/2019 Financial Assistance Fund Round Two (2) to

·        Walter T Grant Memorial Seniors Group $6,230

·         Muller Park Tennis and Croquet Club Incorporated $2,900

Council resolved the remainder of the Financial Assistance Fund budget allocation be returned to consolidated revenue as savings.

Condition Assessment of “Winged Victory,” Cameron Park Wellington

Council noted the report from the Manager of Recreation and Open Space dated 3 April 2019 on the condition of the Winged Victory figure on top of the Cenotaph within Cameron Park, Wellington.

Council requested the Manager of Recreation and Open Space investigate non- rate opportunities to assist in paying for the restoration and recasting of the Winged Victory statue.

Council agreed to investigations to house the sculpture indoors to reduce the rate of deterioration be carried out. 

Muronbong Road Reconstruction Project – Land acquisition agreements for road widening. 

Council has resolved to acquire the road widening land that it requires from the following residents

·         Mr Christopher and Cecellia O’Donnell, for $6,500 excluding GST.

·         Mr Ronald and Belinda Blekemore, for $14,600 excluding GST   

·         Mr Andrew and Anna Shearman for $8,200 excluding GST

·         Mr David and Vicki Babicci for $9,500 excluding GST

·         Mr William and Gemma Martel for $11,000 excluding GST

Council agreed that all documentation in relation to these land acquisition agreements be executed Under Power of Attorney and that the documents and considerations in regard to this matter remain

Confidential to Council.

Media Contact:
Mayor of the Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields: 0418 639 053

Last Edited: 26 Apr 2019

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