Council Meeting Outcomes – February 2019

Dubbo Regional Council held its Ordinary Council meeting on Monday 26 February in Dubbo.

The meeting, chaired by Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

Mayoral Minute: 30th Anniversary of the sister city relationship between Dubbo and Minokamo

On 7 June 2019 Dubbo and Minokamo will celebrate 30 years as sister cities.

Council will request expressions of interest from members of the public to be part of a Dubbo delegation to visit Minokamo and celebrate the 30 year anniversary as invited by the Mayor of Minokamo. The Mayor, CEO and other interested Councillors are authorised to attend on behalf of Council noting Council’s policy that it will be at their own expense.

Mayoral Minute: Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

Council noted the success of the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program over the last 15 years. Council is a proud sponsor of the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program. Council resolved to provide funding to cover the cost of using Council facilities every years for three years starting in 2019 at an estimated cost of $3,100 per year.

Mayoral Minute: Beautification of Dubbo CBD

Council considered a Mayoral minute and has requested the CEO develop a report investigating ways to increase the number of trees throughout the Central Business District and other major streets including detailed locations species and costs. The report is to include investigations into planting centre median trees along Wingewarra Street and Bultje Street, planting tress round the perimeter of the car park along Wingewarra Street and Bligh Streets and planting mature trees in vacant spaces along Macquarie Street.

Mayoral Minute: Police Training Facility

Mayor Ben Shields would like to thank the NSW Government and Mr Grant and congratulate them on the announcement of the Police Training Centre to be situated at the Dubbo City Regional Airport. Council has provided the land for the project and are looking forward to seeing the positive impact the $35 million centre will have on the Region once constructed.

Mayoral Minute: Funding Deed Agreement

Council is currently pursuing several funding opportunities that will go toward making the proposed Sports Hub facility a reality. Council authorised the CEO to execute and enter into a deed on behalf of Council for a portion of funding for the proposed facility, subject to the satisfactory resolution of outstanding issues by 28 February 2019. All documentation in relation to this matter will be executed under Power of Attorney.

Lighting of Tracker Riley Cycleway Western side of Macquarie River - Petition.

Council has noted a petition from nearby residents objecting to the Lighting of Tracker Riley Cycleway between Sir Roden Cutler Park and the LH Ford Bridge.

58 Hennessey Drive Child Care Facility

Council approved Development Application D2018 – 594 for a Centre based child care facility at 58 Hennessey Drive Dubbo subject to conditions of consent. The subject land is zoned R2 Low Density Residential under the Dubbo Local Environmental Plan 2011 and is a permissible form of development in the zone.

Outdoor Dining Policy

Council adopted the report of the Manager of Strategic Planning Services for the purpose of public exhibition of a draft outdoor dining policy for no less than 28 days.

Council will seek an assessment from a suitable qualified and experience professional valuer to provide an appropriate per square metre annual rental rate for category A permanent outdoor dining locations in the Dubbo Central Business District.

Kintyre Heights Estate Draft Development Control Plan

Council adopted the Kintyre Heights Estate Draft Development Control Plan following a period of public exhibition. No submissions were received during the exhibition period.

Investigation into a community focused solar revolving fund

Council has acknowledged the resourcing requirements of implementing and administering a community solar revolving fund and will defer further investigations into such a fund until permissive legislation is introduced.

Council has agreed to write to Local Government NSW to request that it prioritise lobbying the NSW Government for an amendment to the NSW Local Government Act 1993 that will enable Councils to apply a voluntary Special Charge Scheme to council rates to fund environmental programs such as the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on private land.

Windsor Parade Pocket Park Masterplan

Council noted the report from the Manager of Recreation and Open Space for the purpose of public exhibition for no less than 28 days. The report explains that the proximity of the location provides an opportunity to create an attractive gateway into Dubbo and improve the connectivity of the pedestrian and cycleway network of the city. Council requests a report following the public exhibition period is to come back to the April 2019 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Dubbo Regional Council review – safety camera network in Dubbo and Wellington

Council noted the report from the Manager of Social Services and resolved to conduct further consultation with the NSW Police and Dubbo Regional Council staff to determine priorities in relation to the expansion and upgrade of both the Dubbo and Wellington safety camera systems.

Council determined that a tender is to be prepared for the supply and installation of CCTV hardware and software systems that meets the criteria outlined by NSW Police Orana Mid-Western Local Area command with a view to have all works completed by November 2019

Event Development Fund and Major Event Sponsor Program [Stream 2]

Council noted the funding determined under Stream 2 of the Event Development Fund totalling $33,200 and funding determined under Stream 2 of the Major Event Sponsor Program totalling $43,000. Council resolved to quarantine the unexpected funds of $13,800 under Council’s Event Incentive Program and the allocation of funds determined in accordance with Council’s Event Attraction, Support and Delivery Policy.

Stream 2 of Council’s Event Development Fund and Major Event Sponsor Program opened on 11 September and closed on 30 November. The channels were open for application for funding of $3001 or more from events held in the Dubbo LGA between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. Council received 19 applications with a combined total of $178,548. Total funding allocated under Stream 2 of the Event Development Fund and Major Event Sponsor Program was $90,000. Funding in the amount of $76,200 will support 19 events set to be held in the Dubbo Local Government Area in 2019. Combined, these events are expected to inject in excess of $4M into the local economy.

Council Acquisition of 174 Talbragar Street Dubbo

Council resolved to purchase 154 – 157 Talbragar Street Dubbo NSW having an area of 1.565ha at a cost of $3.2M ex GST to allow Council the opportunity to undertake a strategic acquisition providing Council with options when considering how and where to build facilities and services to the community in the future.

Purvis Lane upgrade Land Acquisition

Council resolved to purchase Part Lot 100 DP 1172298 that being the corner splay of Purvis lane and Tannery Road Dubbo NSW for the purchase price of $75,000 Ex GST. As a condition of purchase Council will be responsible for the preparation and lodgement of a modified development application to amend industrial subdivision on Lot 100 as previously approved with development consent D2011-203.

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Last Edited: 26 Feb 2019

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