Council Meeting Outcomes – March 2019

Dubbo Regional Council held its Ordinary Council meeting on Monday 25 March in Dubbo.

The meeting, chaired by Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields made resolutions in respect of the following matters:

Mayoral Minute: Macquarie Street Tress

Council considered a Mayoral minute and has requested the CEO develop a report investigating options for Council to consider to discourage the roosting of European Starlings in the trees along Macquarie Street. The Mayor noted the impacts the Starling are having on the area including excessive amounts of droppings on street paving and furniture and the bad smell it is leaving in the area.

Council agreed to immediately increase the cleaning of the affected areas.

Review of rates structure

A review of the rates structure has been undertaken in preparation for the 2019/2020 financial year.

The proposed 2019/2020 Rates Structure incorporates a General Income Variation increase (i.e. a rate pegging limit) of 2.7% being the full General Income Variation permitted for the 2019/2020 year as announced by the Minister for Local Government

Council resolved to adopt the Rates Structure to be included in the Revenue Policy as part of the 2019/2020 Operational Plan based on the existing 2018/2019 rate structure. The 2019/2020 rate structure incorporates a General Income Variation increase (the rate pegging limit) of 2.7% being the maximum permitted for the 2019/2020 rating year as determined by the Minister for Local Government.

2040 Community Strategic Plan, delivery program progress report (July 2018 – December 2018)

Council on 25 June 2018 adopted the first Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP & R Framework) for the new Dubbo Regional Local Government Area.

The progress report can be found online at

Wellington Renewable Energy Developments - Proposed Planning Agreement Policy for Solar Energy Farms

Council is concerned that the cumulative effects associated with the construction of six (6) separate Solar Energy Farms on the Wellington community continues to be inadequately considered by Solar Farm Proponents and the Department of Planning and Environment in their overall deliberations in respect of the projects.

Given the potential positive and negative impacts associated with Solar Farms, Council has developed a draft Policy for Planning Agreements associated with Solar Energy Farm developments through the Planning Agreement process. This Policy requests Proponents of Solar Energy Farms to enter into a Planning Agreement with Council based on provision to Council of $3,500 per Mega Watt generated from the development.

Council resolved to adopt the draft Policy for the purposes of undertaking detailed community and stakeholder consultation.

The draft Policy be placed on public display for a period of no less than 28 days.

Following the completion of the public exhibition period a further report be provided to Council, includes any submissions received during the public exhibition period.

South-East Dubbo Stormwater Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Regime

Council at its meeting on 20 November 2017 considered a report in respect of developer contributions and associated issues for Southlakes Estate, South-East Dubbo.

Council determined, based on the results of the review prepared by Cardno Pty Ltd, that a new South-East Precinct Developer Contributions Plan be prepared.

Council requested a report including the new draft Developer Contributions Plan and a stakeholder consultation program be provided to Council for consideration in May 2019.

Review of the Dubbo CBD Precincts Plan

Council endorsed the proposed process for review of the Dubbo CBD Precincts Plans and request that a detailed stakeholder and community consultation strategy be developed and be the subject of a future workshop with Councillors. A further report is to be prepared for Council outlining the results of consultation.

Council noted the provision of a $45,000 grant funding under the Building Better Regions Fund, Community Investments Stream for the Wellington Town Centre Plan.

Council agreed that in respect of the Wellington Town Centre Plan, a report including a project plan and Stage 1 of the project be provided to Council for consideration at its May 2019 meeting.

Road Closure and Disposal Agreement, Bakers Lane, Maryvale

Council approved the disposal agreement made with Mr Harold Baker for the closure of Bakers Lane, Maryvale and for subdivision, and consolidation with four adjoining rural lots, for a sale price of $23,000 excluding GST.

2018/2019 Financial Assistance Program - Round One

Council has allocated the below funds from the 2018/2019 Financial Assistance Program Round One to the following applicants.

· Leaderlife Ltd. $2,000

· Dubbo District Concert Band $1,845

· Wellington Connect t/a Wellington Men’s Shed $5,000

That the remainder of funds from Round One funding of $6,155 be utilised for Round Two funding to a total of $21,155.

Dubbo Regional Sports Council Playing Field Improvement Fund - Dubbo and District Football Association and Dubbo Australian Football Club

Council approved an application from Dubbo and District Football Association for $14,250 from the Playing Field Improvement Fund to purchase and installation of a PA system at Lady Cutler Ovals including Lady Cutler East and South. The Dubbo and District Football Association have indicated they will contribute $14,251 of their own funds towards the project.

Furthermore an application for $3,740 from the Playing Field Improvement Fund by the Dubbo Australian Football Club to assist with the installation of the multilevel spectator seating at South Dubbo Oval was also approved by Council. The Dubbo Australian Football Club have indicated they will contribute $4,795 of their own funds towards the project and the club has been successful with a grant for $15,440 to purchase the grand stands.

Future use of the Wellington Visitor Information Centre building, Cameron Park, Wellington.

Council resolved to authorise the CEO to determine the future use of the entire Wellington Visitor Information centre based on recommendations within the report.

Dubbo Cycling Facility – Tender Recommendation Report

In May 2016 it was announced by the NSW Government that funding of $4.35m was allocated to the Dubbo Cycling facility in order to relocate it from Victoria Park as Stage 1 of the Victoria Park Upgrade.

Council resolved to meet the assisted funding as required and David Payne Constructions be awarded the tender in the amount of $4,697,828 ex GST

Council endorsed a 21 year licence agreement between Dubbo Regional Council and the Dubbo Cycling Club.

Management Options for Dubbo Regional Council Aquatic Centres

Council resolved to cease the management contract of the Dubbo Aquatic and Leisure Centre with B and N Aquatics in March 2019 in line with the terms of the contract.

Council would like to recognise the 12 of service provided by B and N Aquatics to the Dubbo Aquatic and Leisure Centre and the community.

The management of the Dubbo Aquatic and Leisure Centre will be brought in-house and managed internally under the Recreation and Open Space function.

Council also determined Wellington Memorial Pool Complex be renamed to the Wellington Aquatic and Leisure Centre to reflect the additional facilities on offer at the redeveloped site.

Proposed Western Region Institute of Sport - Dubbo Regional Sports Facility

Council resolved not to contribute $1,000,000 to the Western Region Institute of Sport project in its current form.

Council requested the CEO undertake a review of the concept and feasibility of the current Dubbo Regional Sports Facility.

Council would like to consider alternative locations for the Dubbo Regional Sports Facility if the leasing negotiations with CSU fail to deliver a term of less than 99 years.

Event Incentive Funding – Event Bid.

Council will submit a bid to host an event such as detailed in the report by the Manager of Economic Development and Marketing. Council determined funding for this bid be allocated in the 2020/2021 budget.

Sale of Lot 23 DP 1131385 McGuinn Crescent, Moffatt Estate

Council endorsed the sale of Lot 23 DP 1131385 McGuinn Crescent to Damien and Ausra McGeough, owners of DMG Engineering.

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