Double check your dog fences for the safety of our community.

Dubbo Regional Council are urging all residents to double check their fences and be mindful of how their dogs are secured to ensure other animals and people are safe within our community. This reminder comes after a recent dog attack on stock in the West Dubbo area.

Council’s Manager of Environmental Control, Debbie Archer, said dog attacks on stock can be distressing on many levels. 

“Besides the suffering that stock endure in an attack, the loss of stock through dog attacks can be extremely traumatic for owners due to the horrendous injuries that can be caused as well as significant financial loss incurred.

 “ Property owners have the right to destroy a dog if it is endangering stock, however must make all reasonable attempts to provide vet care if injured and notify the owner.  Where captured, an attacking dog may be declared dangerous by Council, requiring the dog to live in a highly secure caged environment with limited family interaction for the rest of its life. In this case we recommend surrendering the dog for euthanasia,” Ms Archer said.

The owner of a dog that attacks can receive an on the spot fine of $1320, with a maximum penalty of $77,000, 5yrs imprisonment or both.  The owner is also liable for injuries and damages caused. 

If you suspect your dog has been involved in an attack, you can surrender your dog to Council’s Animal Shelter at any time. Council recommends that you speak with the victim where known, offer to compensate for damages and vet bills, communicate that your dog will no longer be an issue, and maintain positive neighbourhood relationships.

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Last Edited: 20 Mar 2019

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