Dubbo Regional Council would like to ensure the community that instances of clouded water is safe to use and not related to water restrictions.

Dubbo Regional Council’s Manager Water Supply and Sewerage, Stephen Carter said there is nothing for residents to worry about.

“Cloudy water is a common occurrence when we have undertaken repairs of water mains particularly when we need to shut down the water or back feed to provide water.

“The cloudy water is a result of air in the line that aerates the water creating tiny bubbles as it travels back through the pipes. This water meets the Australia Drinking Water Guidelines and NSW Health guidelines,” Mr Carter said.

The cloudy water is expected to clear after a few minutes of running the tap. This water can be collected and residents are encouraged to reuse it in gardens or for other use.

If you have concerns about cloudy water please call Dubbo Regional Council customer service line on 6801 4000.

Last Edited: 27 Sep 2019

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