Level 3 water restrictions to be introduced - followed closely by level 4

Mayor of the Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields tonight tabled a Mayoral Minute in front of a packed gallery to introduce Level 3 water restrictions across the local government area effective Monday 1 October 2019.

“The Dubbo Region has already introduced voluntary level 2 restrictions but unfortunately as the drought situation worsens across the entire state it is now time to increase these restrictions,” Clr Shields said.

The desires to move to level 4 restrictions were heard loud and clear from the speakers during public forum.

Councillor Dayne Gumley moved a motion to amend the recommendation to also include a move to level 4 restrictions as of 1 November 2019.

Dubbo Regional Council’s Chief Executive Officer Michael McMahon said Council has a responsibility to reduce the demand on the current supply.

“This is an unprecedented time for Dubbo Regional Council, moving quickly from level 3 to 4 and will rely on full cooperation from the community,” Mr McMahon said.

“Level 4 restrictions will result in a significant cut to the amount of outdoor water usage and I would encourage residents to familiarise themselves with the changes. It also requires people to rethink the way they use water within their homes such as shorter showers and full loads of washing.”

Staff have been reviewing the current Drought Management Plan and have made some adjustments to the restrictions allowing the use of hand held hoses provided they have a trigger nozzle attached.

“It is only natural that some items in the plan will be subject to review as the situation evolves. Taking into consideration feedback we have received from the community the level 3 restrictions will now permit the use of hand held hoses with trigger nozzles. Watering will still need to abide by the odds and even system outlined previously,” Mr McMahon said.

For more information on how the increased restrictions will impact residents and businesses is available online at the Dubbo Drought Hub www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au/dubbodroughthub

Last Edited: 23 Sep 2019

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