As the words ‘from this time forward,’ were spoken by the 32 people from around the world gathered at the Dubbo Regional Council’s Civic Administration Building, it will signified the moment they then, pledged their loyalty to Australia and its people as the country's newest citizens.

Mayor of the Dubbo Region, Councillor Ben Shields, couldn’t be happier to see 32 men, women and children become new Aussie citizens. 

“These people have taken a pledge today that sees them commit to becoming citizens of Australia and in doing so, have pledged to share our democratic beliefs, respect our rights and liberties and uphold and obey our laws,” said Councillor Shields. 

The conferees come from: Bangladesh, Fiji, Germany, India, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka, United States of America and the United Kingdom. 

“These are people who have chosen our region for any number of reasons, namely, because we are safe and we are going places as our region continues to grow and enjoy record investment,” said Councillor Shields.

“The way of life in regional NSW offers so much more than the cities through things such as lower cost of living, job opportunities, and more time for family,” said Councillor Shields.

Adnan Ashraf and his son Muhammad Ali are two of the Dubbo residents who officially became Australian citizens today, after moving to Australia in 2012. Mr Ashraf is from Pakistan, and moved to Australia to study his Masters in IT. His family received a visa that required them to live and work in a regional area, so they chose Dubbo for its easy-going country lifestyle.

“When we were in Sydney, it was very busy and it is very hard to get some time for family, but in Dubbo you can easily manage your work, your time for your kids, family and friends,” said Mr Ashraf.

Mr Ashraf and his wife welcomed a little girl in April, and with plans to start his own business, he says his family will continue living in Dubbo for years to come.

Shakil Hassan and his family from Bangladesh have also made the move to the bush, and all of them have become Australian citizens today. Mr Hassan says he moved to Australia for a better life, and when he came to the Dubbo region for work, he didn’t want to leave.

“It’s a beautiful place, we all take care of each other. Regional Australia is different to the city, and here everyone has time for family and friends, and everyone is so helpful,” said Mr Hassan.

His family is expecting another baby soon, and when born, the child will automatically gain Australian citizenship.


Ashraf FamilyImage caption:

Adnan and Aleena Ashraf with their children Alesha and Muhammad Ali.


Last Edited: 04 Sep 2019

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