Staff at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC) are working behind-the-scenes to deliver a busy line-up of end-of-year performances. Dance schools are lining up to perform at DRTCC, and staff are even more excited to welcome even larger crowds, following the NSW Government’s announcement that restrictions COVID19 restrictions are starting to ease.

Staff have been consulting with Create NSW, Performing Arts Connections Australia and Live Performance Australia, so they can start to have larger crowds, implement the right Service NSW check-in requirements, and figure out how best to serve patrons in a COVIDSafe environment. DRTCC Manager Linda Christof says that ticket holders have already been notified that the venue capacity is increasing, and selling tickets to people who may have missed out on the end-of-year concerts and performances.

“Patrons who have bought tickets to performances are advised via email that additional tickets will be released the following week, and that they may no longer be socially distanced from other groups inside the auditorium. We want to ensure people feel comfortable coming to watch a show, so they will have the option to relocate their seating,” said Ms Christof.

The venue can increase its audience capacity from 50% to 75%, or the two square metre rule, whichever is the greater, provided certain measures are in place. In addition, social distancing of 1.5 metres is required for queues, on entry and exit, and at the bar and amenities. And while it is compulsory for digital check-ins via the Service NSW app, theatre staff will be able to check-in patrons who do not have a smartphone, so they don’t have to stress when they’re coming to enjoy the theatre.

“Patrons are advised that whilst facemasks are not mandatory, it is an option for them if they are more comfortable wearing one, particularly if social distancing isn’t possible,” said Ms Christof.

Mayor of the Dubbo region, Councillor Ben Shields says restrictions have eased just in time for Christmas concerts, and that performers will still be able to experience the magic and excitement of performing in front of a large crowd.

“There is excitement in the air, with students gearing up to perform on a professional theatre stage and showcase the magic of live performance to an appreciative audience. It’s certainly an experience they’ll never forget!” said Councillor Shields.

Some of the dance schools have doubled the number of performances that they would normally present, with support from DRC. Stepping Out Dance Factory have already done a total of five performances, with several performances selling out!

“Staff have enjoyed working with the creatives at the dance schools to help them make their vision come to fruition. We’ve also seen the talented students at Dubbo Ballet Studio take to the stage to perform The People vs Mona. Coming up is Urban Edge Dance Studio performing Reunite, and Orana Dance Centre decided to approach it a little differently, with their performance called 2020 Thank you next,” said Councillor Shields.

Image credit: Winkipop, image courtesy of Stepping Out Dance Factory.

End of Year performances

Last Edited: 14 Dec 2020

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