Presented by Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) in conjunction with Garage Sale Trail, learn how to farewell fast fashion forever with the Trail Tutorials, Garage Sale Trail’s new series of free online masterclasses. Hosted by some of Australia’s brightest, best and most stylish, learn how to style, mend and shop secondhand to not only minimise your waste but also save money.

Learn to declutter your wardrobe sustainably with the first Australian trained in the now world famous KonMari method, Sally Flower. Receive your fashion first aid training with the nation’s leading clothes-mending practitioner Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald and ‘Stain Slayer’ Christina Reitano.

And Master the art of secondhand styling with some of the country’s biggest names in sustainable styling and fashion, Hannah Klose (Never Ever Pay Retail) and Natalie Shehata (Founder + Editor of tommie magazine and national Eco Stylist for Save The Children op shops).

Trail Tutorials are a new addition to the Garage Sale Trail program that allow people to learn how to reduce waste without even having a garage sale.

2020 marks the first time that Australians can participate in the event online as well as face-to-face. To celebrate, Garage Sale Trail will be hosting the free online masterclasses throughout October and November, in the lead up to the Garage Sale Trail weekend on 21 – 22 November, 2020.

The details of when the Trail Tutorials will be running are on Dubbo Regional Council’s website, and spots are limited, to registration is essential.

The ultimate wardrobe declutter hosted by Marie Kondo-trained Sally Flower

Date: Saturday 3 October

Time: 2pm AEST

More information and reserve your spot here

Fashion first aid. Learn to mend with Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald & Christina Reitano

Date: Saturday 24 October

Time: 2pm AEDT

More information and reserve your spot here

The art of secondhand styling with Hannah Klose & Natalie Shehata

Date: Saturday 7 November

Time: 2pm AEDT

More information and reserve your spot here

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Last Edited: 11 Sep 2020

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