Dubbo Regional Council recognises that this is an incredibly difficult time for many businesses, including airlines, which is why Council and Dubbo City Regional Airport (DCRA) have implemented a number of measures that will provide some support during the COVID-19 pandemic, including offering airlines free parking if they need to ground some of their aircraft and a 100% reduction in landing fees, which will last until June 2020.

At last night’s Council meeting, councillors agreed to put a freeze on all landing fees for Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) airlines. The move was made after Council received a request from an airline carrier to reduce landing fees by 70%.

Acting in good faith, DRC and DCRA have decided to offer an even greater level of support for airlines, with immediate 100% fee waiver for landing fees, as a sign of good faith that our airlines will also continue supporting our local communities.

DRC CEO Michael McMahon said that Council and DCRA will also offer support in other ways.

“In addition to waiving all landing feeds, we will not be increasing passenger landing fees, nor will there be an increase in security screening charges in the forthcoming budget,” Mr McMahon said.

Council believes this is the clearest way to demonstrate our community’s role in supporting essential travel for our regional communities, and play a proportionate role in supporting the commercial airline sector.

“Council offers these reductions and freezes on the basis that all airlines continue to operate in good faith with our community, including a responsible and accountable approach to refund or credits for passengers, and appropriate management of any outstanding debt to the Dubbo regional community,” said Mr McMahon.


Last Edited: 24 Mar 2020

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