After years of harsh drought and bushfires, artist Anna Nordstrom has taken her personal response to these confronting landscapes, and turned them into works of art. Nordstrom lives in Lismore and on her journeys to Dubbo, she has encountered these changing landscapes, ravaged by the Australian climate, and has brought to life her exhibition Sang Into Existence, now showing at Dubbo Regional Council’s (DRC’s) Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC).

On display from 12 September – 22 November 2020, Sang Into Existence has been put together with predominantly discarded building materials such as lino and pressed metals from houses built during the 1940s-60s, to create works that resemble abstracted landscapes.

“These works are my personal response to the landscapes I’ve encountered while travelling between Dubbo and Lismore. It’s an investigative exploration into the continual environmental, societal and climatic changes that Australia has faced in recent years,” said Nordstrom.

Nordstrom sees these discarded materials as being gatekeepers to the past, present and future events. By using these materials, she is reflecting on the impact of human activity, and how we consider the landscapes as being an endless resource.

“By creating our own artificial environments, we are in fact destroying the natural world, so I really wanted to capture that sentiment by using these materials in my work,” she said.

Expressing her concern over the state and health of the environment, Nordstrom creates two dimensional sculptures that reflect the changes that are occurring around her.

“These collages are sensitive and emotive, where the lack of colour within them reflects sorrow and loss for both the environment and society, but through the use of small bursts of pastel colours, it hints that there is still hope,” says Dubbo Regional Council Curator Mariam Abboud.

Ms Abboud has been working with a number of HomeGround artists this year to bring their exhibitions to the renowned gallery space at the WPCC. This weekend will be the first artist talk since COVID-19 restrictions were brought in.

“We have been busy this week installing Anna Nordstrom’sexhibition, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming the public back to physically-distanced, COVIDSafe artist talks. So if you’re interested in coming along this Saturday 12 September from 2pm bookings are essential, please make sure you register your interest – (02) 6801 4444 by Thursday 10 September as space is limited,” said Ms Abboud.

The latest HomeGround instalment by Anna Nordstrom opens this Saturday 12 September, and runs until 22 November, 2020 at the Western Plains Cultural Centre. Bookings are essential.

Image caption: DRC Curator Mariam Abboud and artist Anna Nordstrom at WPCC

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Last Edited: 09 Sep 2020

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