Did you know that taking action to reduce waste has been found to increase well-being? That’s the verdict from the Plastic Free July 2019 Impact Report. Last year, an estimated 250 million people worldwide took part to reduce single-use plastics in their daily lives. On average, participants reduced their household waste by almost 5% (or 23kg) and increased their wellbeing by 8%. A definite win-win!

This July, as part of its ongoing efforts to increase sustainability and protect our environment, Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) is joining forces with Plastic Free July to bring focus to reducing single use plastics. Joining the challenge this year is Councillor David Grant, as he looks at how he and his family can reduce their environmental impact.

“The main reason why I’m doing Plastic Free July with my family is so we can do our part in reducing the amount of plastic that is being put into landfill, and obviously that gets pushed into the ocean, with general rubbish laying on the ground. So I’m doing my little bit and encouraging everyone else to do their bit as well,” Councillor Grant said.

By encouraging people to take simple actions in their daily lives and habits, Plastic Free July is an established and successful way for people to reduce single-use plastic waste every day at home, work and school. Councillor Grant has two young children and a wife who works full-time.

They’ve all taken a look at what goes in their lunch boxes and will take steps to reduce their plastic consumption in things like their lunch boxes and general grocery shopping. One of his best tips for reducing plastic is to consider buying bigger packets of chips or pet food instead of the smaller packets, so they last longer and therefore there’s less plastic going to landfill.

“It could be as simple as instead of grabbing that packet of barbecue shapes in the smaller packets, why don’t you grab the big bag and then put them into smaller little containers at home,” he said.

This is the first time Councillor Grant has participated in Plastic Free July and he says although it initially seems daunting to cut out plastic, he says it’s not about totally cutting it out, but about being more conscious of reducing single-use plastic.He also says his family is conscious of making sure they always have reusable bags in the car so they don’t have to buy new bags every time they go to the shops.

“With the reusable bags, I do know for myself that we have a stack of them at home, which between myself and my wife, we try to keep a good four or five in the car every week, so that if we do have to duck to the shops, at least there’s some green bags in the cars,” Councillor Grant said.

To sign up to participate, go to Dubbo Regional Council’s website www.dubbo.nsw.gov.au and follow the links.

Image caption: Councillor Grant will be looking at what goes in his family’s lunchboxes to reduce plastic waste.

Plastic Free July David Grant (3)

Plastic Free July_VNR from Dubbo Regional Council on Vimeo.

Last Edited: 26 Jun 2020

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