Experimenta Life Forms: International Triennial of Media Art opens at Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC), Dubbo, this Friday 8 July and includes 24 boundary-pushing international and Australian artists showcasing art across robotics, bioart, and screen-based works, installations, participatory and generative art. The exhibition has been curated by Jonathan Parsons, Lubi Thomas and Jessica Clark.

Experimenta Life Forms will be officially opened at 5.30pm by Curator Jonathan Parsons, followed by a Curator’s guided tour at 6.30pm.

Kent Buchanan, Exhibition and Curator Officer at the WPCC, said this exhibition is like no other. “The Experimenta Life Forms exhibition thought-provokingly engages with ideas of how new understandings of biological and artificial life are challenging human-centric thinking, it’s definitely a must see for the whole community,” said Mr Buchanan.

The exhibition runs from 2 July - 18 September 2022 in Dubbo as part of its three-year tour around Australia and is the eighth national touring exhibition from Experimenta, champion of art unbound by convention.

Notable artworks include:

PULSE: The Life Force of Trees by PluginHuman (Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer), an immersive installation documenting significant trees across the globe through an LED light installation.

DJ Moss by Thomas Marcusson, a work where a plant takes over the DJ decks.

Pioneers of the ‘Bioart’ movement Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr will present an installation work entitled Biomess, featuring significant natural history specimens from around the world.

Access to artist biographies, images of artworks and more information is available on request. 

About Experimenta:

Experimenta is the future of art. The organisation is dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and touring contemporary art driven by technology. Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic, conceptual and experiential potential of art forms. Championing new ideas about technology, exploring creative possibilities and pushing the boundaries of expectation, Experimenta’s triennial exhibition and national tour redefines what art can be.

Last Edited: 07 Jul 2022

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