From:                                             Tony Graham - Binjang Radio
Date:                                             3 February, 2021
Subject:                                         Media inquiry -North Yeoval services

Story broadcast/published:       Unclear


1.       North Yeoval residents fear they are about to have their water supply and garbage services cut off

2.      The residential area appears to have fallen off the map, if The Dubbo Local Strategic Planning Statement adopted by Council on June 22 2020, is anything to go by. The documents show zonings of the townships in the Local Government Area, but North Yeoval isn’t included, because it would appear, the council area map designates a rural zoning.

3.      The North Yeoval residents are deeply concerned because up till now, the approximate 35 residences have been rated as residential, which follows a long - standing arrangement with Cabonne Council to supply the services, paid from the rates collected from the Wellington, now Dubbo Regional Council.

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RESPONSE – Attributed to Stephen Wallace – Manager Development & Environment

Dubbo Regional Council confirms that the area of North Yeoval is largely zoned RU1 - Primary Production. This ‘rural’ zoning has been applied consistently since the 1960s with no recent or current plans to alter this.

If rezoning was needed, as required under law, an appropriate consultation process would firstly need be undertaken.

Dubbo Regional Council confirms there are no plans to cut, or reduce, any services to residents in the North Yeoval area.

Waste collection will remain under the existing structure, whereby waste contractor JR Richards collects the waste on its Cabonne Council waste run.

Existing water services will also remain in place.

There is no reason for residents to be concerned about Dubbo Regional Council reducing or removing these existing services.

Last Edited: 09 Feb 2021

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