Community will be kept informed of changes to bin service

Council’s Manager of Solid Waste Mark Giebel said that residents will receive plenty of information on the expansion of the Domestic Waste Service before it commences in July, with education packs to be delivered to each household after the defined waste collection zones were adopted at last night’s Council Committee Meetings.

“The new two and three bin service will start in July of this year, but residents will receive their new bins from mid-May through to June,” Mr Giebel said.

“Each delivered set of bins will receive an information pack that will provide details specific to the service provided,” he said.

“Households will also receive the bins relevant to their service area,” he said.

“For example, people receiving a three bin service will be supplied with a 140L red general waste bin, a 240L green food and garden organics waste bin and a 240L yellow recycling bin,”

“Residents in Dubbo will keep their current recycling bin, whereas residents in the built-up areas of Wellington and Geurie will be receiving a recycling service for the first time and will get three new bins delivered,” 

New Domestic Waste Collection Service 2018

“The red and green bins will be collected weekly, while the yellow recycling will be collected fortnightly,” he said.

“Properties receiving the Green Food and Garden Organics waste bin will also receive a kitchen caddy plus a roll of caddy bin liners,” he said.

“Households in the two-bin service area will receive a 240L red general waste bin which will be collected weekly, and if they don’t already have one they will also receive a new 240L Yellow recycling bin which will be collected fortnightly,” he said.

“Once delivery has been completed, residents have the option of keeping their old general waste and using it for another purpose, or have the option to voluntarily surrender the bin to Council via an organised collection,” he said.

“Council is committed to ensuring that the transition to this new service is as smooth as possible for residents and there will be an abundance of information and fact sheets to accompany the roll-out, where residents can easily identify where they live and what service they will receive,” he said.

Residents who will be receiving a service for time first time or having a service cancelled will be notified in writing.

Find out all you need to know about the expansion of Council’s Domestic Waste Management service here.

This project was supported by the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy. Waratah NSW Two Clr_HiRes


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Last Edited: 29 May 2018

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