Local Government Elections

The NSW Local Council Elections will be on Saturday 9 September 2017. You can find detailed information from the Electoral Commission of NSW here.

It is important for you to check your enrollment, particularly now that Council's voting boundaries are divided into wards. Make sure your enrollment is up to date here or call the Electoral Commission of NSW on 1300 135 736.

Information for Candidates

Any questions by prospective candidates regarding the upcoming elections should be directed to the Electoral Commission of NSW.

Information for Voters

Dubbo Regional Council was formed on 12 May 2016 following the merger of the former Dubbo City and Wellington councils. Upon the announcement of the newly formed Council, the then Minister of Local Government, Paul Toole, also announced that the new Council area would include five (5) wards which can be seen on the map here (PDF 1.2MB) (NOTE: This map is titled Western Plains Regional Council. Council was renamed by proclamation on 7 September 2016 to Dubbo Regional Council and all ward boundaries on this map remain current)

What is a ward?

A ward is an area of the entire Local Government Area that has been designated in the creation of the Local Government Area. Dubbo Regional Council has been divided into five (5) wards being:

  1. Wellington Ward
  2. Dubbo South Ward
  3. Dubbo Central Ward
  4. Dubbo East Ward
  5. Dubbo North Ward

A detailed map indicating the ward boundaries in the Local Government area is included here.

Council areas are divided into wards to allow a more equitable representation of Councillors throughout the Council. Each ward in the Dubbo Regional Council area will elect two (2) Councillors making a total of ten (10) Councillors in the Dubbo Regional Council.

It should be recognised that wards are only used under election circumstances and once the Councillors have been elected they are to represent the interests of the entire Local Government Area and not base decisions on the interest of the ward they are elected in. 

What ward am I registered in?

Most long term residents in the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area would not be familiar with voting in a Council divided into wards. You will need to understand the ward you are registered in as it will affect the locations you will be able to vote at and the candidates you can vote for.

The Electoral Commission of NSW provides a facility where you can enter your name and address and it will verify your enrolment and the ward you are enrolled in. This can be found here.

Alternatively, you can call the General Enquiries About Voting facility of the Electoral Commission of NSW on 1300 135 736. 

What affect will being in a ward have on me when I vote?

The ward system does change the way voters can vote that they may not be familiar with.

You may not be able to vote for your ward at all of the polling venues so you will need to make sure you can vote for your registered ward at the polling venue you wish to vote at.

Another significant change is that you may only vote for those candidates who have nominated to run in your registered ward. Candidates are able to nominate in any ward within the Local Government Area, even if they don’t live in that area, but they may only nominate in one ward at the time the nominations close. The elected Council will consist of ten (10) Councillors, two (2) being elected from each ward.

How Do I Vote For Who I Want To Be Mayor?

Your vote does not determine who will be Mayor. Your vote will elect the Councillors to the Council and then the Councillors select the Mayor by way of the Mayoral Election which is to be held within two weeks of the election results being declared. Following recent amendments to the Local Government Act 1993, the Mayor will now be elected for a two (2) year term.

When Can I Vote?

The election will be held Saturday 9 September 2017 where polling venues will be open from 8am to 6pm for voters to lodge their vote. 

Pre-polling will be available at the Dubbo returning office and the Wellington Civic Centre between 28 August 2017 and 8 September 2017.

Applications to lodge a postal vote close on 4 September 2017 with the return of postal votes closing on 11 September 2017. 

Where Can I Vote?

The location of polling venues will be provided by the Electoral Commission of NSW closer to the election date however pre-polling will be available at the Dubbo Returning Office and Wellington Civic Centre during the pre-polling period.

It is important that you ensure that you are able to vote for the ward you are registered in at your proposed polling venue.

When Will I Know The Results of the Election?

The results of the election will be declared by the Electoral Commission of NSW once the count has been completed. It is likely that this will be within one (1) week of the election but may take slightly longer in certain circumstances.

Last Edited: 15 Aug 2017

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