Major Project Funding

Dubbo Regional Council received a major boost with millions of dollars in funding from the State Government announced on 7 August by Dubbo MP Troy Grant.

More than $28 million dollars were promised for projects and infrastructure throughout the region.

This page will provide updates on the major projects Council will undertake with the funds.

Victoria Park No. 1 Oval

The $7.1 million announced for Victoria Number 1 Oval includes the development of new cycling facilities that includes a flat track that meets Cycling NSW standards for NSW events and a road style criterion circuit.

The first stage of the project would see the new cycling facility built prior to demolition of the Victoria Number 1 track.

The criterion circuit arose from previous consultation with increased concerns being raised regarding the riding on public roads for criterium events.

At present the Club has been using an industrial estate, however as this estate continues to develop the increased traffic and the demands by businesses for unrestricted access will create conflict between the parties and ultimately the Cycle community will again have to find another venue. The funding announcement addresses this need.

Number 1 Oval, Victoria Park is Dubbo’s oldest, most recognisable and utilised precincts. The development of the site commenced back in 1876 shortly after the Council was devolved the responsibility of managing the reserve from the NSW Government. Initial works involved the initial clearing and draining of the swamp (Wingewarra).

The typical development of sporting precincts in NSW  in the late 1920s and 1930s involved a cricket/ football oval with a cycle track around it. This is true of even the SCG. Overtime the large majority of ovals have created separate facilities for track cycling away from what is typically one of the main ovals in an urban centre.

Victoria Ovals precinct, by having three ovals close together has proven ideal in attracting state level championships for cricket and rugby union.

The exciting challenge Council and the cycling community now face is to build a new facility that meets the current and future needs of cycling for the decades to come.

Council has applied previously for major funding for this development with letters of support from the Dubbo Cycle Club and Cycling NSW e.g. in 2011 for Regional Development Australia Fund round 1.

This work has been estimated at $3.9 million and includes:  

  • Cycle track: $1,193,700
  • Carparking: $480,000
  • Track lighting: $362,000
  • Criterium Circuit: $1,338,800
  • Amenities: $575,000


Wellington Swimming Pool Complex

In the funding announcement $4.5 million was allocated for the reconstruction of the Wellington Pool which, with the addition of $3million from the Stronger Communities Fund- Major Projects, will now be fully funded through grant funding.

Three concept plans for the Wellington Pool Complex redevelopment were placed on publicexhibition from 29 June to 20 July 2017 and the community invited to either vote for theirpreferred option, or to provide feedback through a written submission.

Following a large and generally positive response from the community arising from the public exhibition of the Wellington Pool Complex a revised draft Wellington Pool Complex MasterPlan has been adopted by Council. The majority of the feedback has been able to be incorporated into
the redrafting of the Pool Complex, withsocial, spatial and operating efficiencies benefitingfrom the community and staff comments.

Some of these work includes:

  • Demolition of existing entry/amenities building and plant room and concourses and all three swimming pools; asbestos removal; old reticulation pipework; shade structures; western trees: $250,000
  • Site preparation; earthworks; excavation ‐ whole site: $75,000
  • New entry building including kiosk; control; turnstiles; staff/managers office and first aid; store room: $399,000
  • New multi purpose room including 2 x access toilets; kitchenette; store: $312,000
  • General store room: $72,000
  • New amenities: $384,000
  • New 50 m fully tiled pool and balance tank x 8 lane, wet deck, accessible ramp; diving blocks both ends: $1,350,000
  • New program/learn to swim fully tiled pool; ramp: $450,000
  • New splash pad; water toys; shade structure: $625,000
  • New concrete seating including shade structure: $ 55,000
  • Shade structure to 50m pool and program pool: $70,000
  • Barbecue x 2: $10,000
  • External landscaping and fencing and retaining walls: $60,000


Rygate Park

Stage 2 works for Rygate Park in Wellington has been allocated $565,000.

Rygate Park is widely used by the community via groups such as Little Athletics, touch football, rugby union, cricket and schools.

This stage would include new amenities and change rooms, storage facilities and fencing.

This project will replace ageing inefficient infrastructure with new and more versatile facilities.

Construction of storage facilities and a new amenities block including change rooms and meeting will address the aged and outdated existing infrastructure.

It will allow for the creation of adequate storage and the subsequent removal of a shipping container. It will also include the relocation of water and sewer reticulation to new buildings.    


Wellington Caves

$1.3 million was announced for the Wellington Caves redevelopment, this is in addition to the $2.5 million allocated as part of the Stronger Communities Fund - Major Projects.

This project involves the development and construction of a new Visitor Experience Centre at the Wellington Caves Reserve that will provide a state of the art visitor experience.

Designs will be developed to include a space for educational experiences and research and to protect and conserve historic artefacts, fossils and material collected from the Wellington Caves Reserve.

Last Edited: 07 Dec 2017

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