Regional Organics Processing Plant


A new Regional Organics Processing Plant is under construction at the Wylandra Waste and Recycling Centre. The new facility is being built to handle organic material which will be collected as part of the new three bin waste management service. Organic matter including food scraps, lawn clippings, shredded paper and other food and garden waste collected will be processed here instead of going to landfill.

The facility is on schedule to be completed and commissioned by June 2018, with local contractors to be used for the majority of the on-site works. The new 3-bin waste collection service being introduced to residents in the built-up areas of Brocklehurst, Dubbo, Wongarbon, Geurie and Wellington in July 2018 involves weekly food and garden waste collection, which will be diverted to the new facility for processing into beneficial compost. The organic material collected through food and garden waste bin services being introduced in Mid-Western Regional and Narromine Shire Council areas in July will also be processed at the Dubbo composting plant.


A live feed of the construction in progress can be viewed below.

Last Edited: 14 Mar 2018

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