South Dubbo Weir Rock Ramp and Fishway

Construction of the rock ramp and fishway at South Dubbo Weir on 05/07/2016

The project is being captured in real time via Time Lapse Photography

Since its construction in 1942, nine people have drowned at the South Dubbo Weir.

This prompted Council to seek ways of making the weir safer for the general public.

  • A weir is needed for the ongoing security of Dubbo’s water supply
  • Safety at the South Dubbo Weir is a significant issue and was unacceptable to leave the weir in its current physical configuration 
  • Council and the community indicated a desire to improve safety at the South Dubbo Weir as an immediate priority
  • A fishway is warranted at South Dubbo Weir. The fishway will allow native fish to move upstream and downstream through the Weir, providing great benefits for native fish stock between Dubbo and Burrendong Dam.
  • Council allocated $4.4 million for the construction costs of the rock ramp and fishway. 

In December 2015, David Payne Construction was awarded the construction contract. The Project is managed by NSW Public Works.

The project commenced on site in March 2016. High river flows through June and moderate flooding in July and again in early September has delayed construction.

The project re-commenced in March 2017 and will be completed by the end of July 2017.

The river is closed to the public during this time as the site is a construction zone and could be a safety concern for individuals not involved in the project.

A temporary portage route exists on the right hand bank to ensure those porting their water craft are safe, however, the route is long and difficult.

For this reason, it is recommended that paddlers do not plan to paddle this section of the river until the project is complete.

Progress of works

The following video shows the progress of construction of the rock ramp and fishway at the South Dubbo Weir to May 2016.

The project is also being captured in real time via Photo Sential View.

More information

Contact Manager Water Supply and Sewerage Steve Carter via our  Customer Service Centre



Last Edited: 26 Jun 2017

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