• 2040 -YOUR IDEAS, YOUR PLACE, OUR PLAN - Share your ideas for a draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan. Dubbo Regional Council wants the community to put forward their ideas about their long-term priorities for the region to be incorporated in the new draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan.
  • 2015/2016 Annual Report - A Year in Review - Highlights the achievements of the past year and provides some indication of areas to be improved on as the new Dubbo Regional Council evolves to meet the needs of the wider community.
  • Creating Dubbo Regional Council - A background on how and why the new Dubbo Regional Council logo and website was created.
  • Domestic Waste Management - What you need to know about the proposed expansion of Council’s Domestic Waste Management service levels, commonly referred to as the two bin and three bin service.
  • Local Government Elections - NSW Local Council Elections are on Saturday 9 September. Find information for voters here.
  • Know Your Rates - All the answers you need for the who, what, when, where and why of General Rate charges.
  • South Dubbo Weir Rock Ramp and Fishway - This is a major community safety project that will also benefit native fish stock between Dubbo and Burrendong Dam.
  • The first year of a new council - Meet the Administrator and the Interim General Manager, and find out about priority projects and how the new Council will operate in its first year .
  • Wellington bicentenary 19 August 2017 - Wellington’s official bicentenary is on 19 August 2017. A motivated committee is coordinating some grand celebrations to mark the milestone.

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