Public Art Strategy

Public Art Strategy

In developing the new Cultural Plan in late 2019, the community was vocal in its desire for a revived program of Public Arts works and to ensure this was undertaken to align, creative, economic, liveability and visitor attraction opportunities across the region; to integrate Public Art across the LGA and to see it as fundamental to our urban development. To support this community feedback it was included in the 2020/2025 SPARC Dubbo Regional Council Cultural Plan as a major outcome.

Action 5.3.2 of SPARC the Dubbo Regional Council Cultural Plan requires Council to ensure the “Development of a Public Arts Strategy in consultation with the community, cultural and arts organisations, Council and Council Staff”.


A public artwork is an artwork planned and executed outside a gallery space, and intended specifically for presentation within public space.

Public spaces are generally open and accessible to all. They can be indoors – such as foyers, atriums, airports or shopping centres – or outdoors – such as forecourts, parks, squares, roundabouts or plazas.

Public art can be any style and size, from large to small. Sculptures and murals are common public art forms, but the term ‘public art’ does not explicitly apply to any particular art style or art form.

Public Art can be permanent or temporary. Permanent artworks are intended stay in their position for long periods, sometimes decades. Because of their intended longevity, these works are often made from highly durable materials like bronze, marble, granite, steel and basalt (bluestone). Temporary public artwork have a limited lifetime that can be anywhere between a few hours to several years. The materials and techniques artists use are diverse and can include plants, paper, chalk, video, sound and performance.


Dubbo Regional Council has engaged ARTSCAPE to undertake the development of the regional public art strategy.

ARTSCAPE is a creative studio dedicated to transforming the built environment for the benefit of the Community. Established in 2003, ARTSCAPE has been providing  comprehensive urban design, place planning, place making, public art, cultural planning and graphic design services to commerce, private developers, councils, state and  federal authorities, architects, artists and community organisations for over 18 years.


Face-to-face public consultation sessions were held across our region to allow the community to submit feedback on how they wanted our Public Art Strategy developing.

Two sessions were held on Tuesday 18 October:

  • 2pm at Club Dubbo, 82 Whylandra Street (Newell Highway)
  • 5pm at Club Dubbo, 82 Whylandra Street (Newell Highway)

Three sessions were held on Wednesday 19 October:

  • 10am at Wellington Aquatic Leisure Centre, Warne Street
  • 2pm at Wellington Aquatic Leisure Centre, Warne Street
  • 5pm at Western Plains Cultural Centre, 76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo

Two sessions were held on Thursday 20 October:

  • 9am at Western Plains Cultural Centre, 76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo
  • 5pm at Wellington Arts Western Gallery Building, Wellington


Submissions were requested via online survey until Friday 4 November.  

Last Edited: 07 Nov 2022

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