Beautification of the Macquarie River Corridor of the Dubbo Central Business District

During any community consultation undertaken in recent years the community has consistently told the Council that Council should be focusing on the river corridor as our most important asset.Whilst recently the focus has been on litter reduction via Council’s stormwater infrastructure, another important element in refocusing on the Macquarie River is the beatification and embellishment of the open space corridor that is located adjacent to the Central Business District between the LH Ford and Serisier bridges.

Two preliminary concept plans have been developed for the community to consider and provide feedback on. Council are seeking community input to develop a masterplan for this exciting project.
Option 1 The Dubbo Borough (PNG 18.8MB)

Option 2 The Wandering Stage  (PNG 18.5MB)

Master Plan -01

Master Plan -02

Last Edited: 28 Oct 2019

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