Public Exhibition of Smart Region/Council Strategies

Smart regions use information technology, data and innovative solutions to solve problems and unlock economic, social, environmental and cultural opportunities. They:

  • Embed digital technology in infrastructure, the natural environment, and everyday processes to understand and respond to the region’s needs.
  • Capture, collect, store, analyse and safely share data to inform decision-making.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, co-design, and innovation to enhance liveability, wellbeing, sustainability, and economic opportunity

Above all, they embrace new technologies and ideas that deliver benefits and solutions to the community and the region as a whole.

Council is committed to empowering people, nurturing community foundations, connecting the region to the wider world and the world with us. We are taking a proactive approach to understanding how technology can be used to ‘sense’ the environment, share meaningful data and strengthen our region as a destination to live, learn, work, and visit.

At the July Ordinary Meeting of Council, Council resolved to proceed with Smart Region/Council Strategies; subject to community feedback.

Strategies will be on public exhibition until open of business 9am, Monday 5 September 2022.

Written or electronic submissions are invited during the public exhibition period.

Please note that, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 1998, written submissions received by Council containing personal information may be made public when the matter goes before Council for consideration, as it may be included in Council’s Business Papers. Persons have the right to remain anonymous if they so choose by refraining from submitting their personal information, however, the submission may be given less weight in the overall assessment and consideration of the draft Policy.

Written submissions should be addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Dubbo Regional Council
PO Box 81
Dubbo NSW 2830


Draft Smart Council Strategy (PDF 1.5MB)
Draft Smart Region Strategy (PDF 3.2MB)



Last Edited: 03 Aug 2022

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