Draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan

The Local Government Act, 1993 requires each Council to operate in accordance with the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework(IP&R) Framework.

This Framework requires councils to undertake “whole of council’ planning for the short, medium and long-term future. Once adopted by Council, this suite of documents will guide Council’s delivery of services to the community. Scroll down to make a submission.

The draft 2040 Community Strategic Plan

This is Council’s long term planning document. The draft 2040 Plan has identified the main priorities and aspirations of the community across the Dubbo Regional Council LGA and provides a clear set of strategies to achieve this vision. Click below to view the draft.

DRC Community Strategic Plan 2018 

The draft 2040 Delivery Program and Operational Plan (2018-2019 to 2020-2021) including Four Year Capital Works Program

A combined Delivery Program and Operational Plan have been prepared, which includes the details of the actions Council will be undertaking during the Delivery Program period of 2018 to 2021 Operational Plan period of 2018/2019. The combined Delivery Program and Operational Plan is also required to include a four year budget and a one year detailed budget in addition to Council’s revenue policy. Click below to view the draft and four year Capital Works Program.

DRC Delivery Program and Operational Plan 2018    Four Year Capital Works Program 


To view the draft 2018/2019 Budget, the draft 2019-2022 Budget, Fees and Charges and Statement Revenue Policy, click below.

Draft Budget Summary 20182019   Draft Budget Summary 20192022   Fees and Charges 20182019                                                                                           Annual Statement of Revenue Policy


The Resourcing Strategy

The draft Resourcing Strategy is designed to demonstrate how Council will provide for the goals and aspirations of the community over time, as included in the 2040 Delivery Program and Operational Plan. There are three components to this draft Strategy including the Workforce Management Plan, the Long Term Financial Plan and the Interim Asset Management Strategy. Click below to view the drafts.

DRC Resourcing Strategy 2018    DRC Workforce Management Plan 2018    DRC Long Term Financial Plan 2018                                                                                          DRC Asset Management Strategy 2018 

Macquarie Regional Library Strategic Plan and Budget

To view the Strategic Plan and Budget for the Macquarie Regional Library, click below.

Draft 2018-2021 Strategic Plan - Macquarie Regional Library 

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Last Edited: 16 May 2018

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