Dubbo Regional Recreation Strategy 2030

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The Recreation Strategy 2030 sets out the vision and guiding principles for delivery of open space outcomes for recreation over the next 10 years. The strategy was prepared in consultation with the NSW Office of Sport, the Dubbo and Wellington Sports Councils and community feedback.

The aim is to be practical and equitable in the delivery of sport across the region. It divides actions and outcomes into short (1-3 years), medium (3-6 years) and long (6-10) year deliverables. This includes actions for planning, continued support, maintenance and usage audits.

The strategy is divided into four (4) Action Plans that will deliver on:

• Structured sports – sports played in clubs, such as Rugby, Netball and Cricket.
• Activated Open Space - Improvements to liveability through passive recreational activities such as dog walking, cycling and leisure activities.
• Indoor and Aquatic Facilities – Identifying opportunities to provide increased diversity in recreational offerings to our communities.
• Partnerships and Programs – identifying opportunities and means to increase our abilities to partner with community and government agencies.

This strategy guides future planning and delivery of recreation to ensure that our community has access healthyand vibrant lifestyles in DRC.

Sport and recreation enhances the lives of the community. The benefits of active and passive recreation in delivery of social, physical, economic and community well being is widely documented.

Our region is fortunate to have a unique population of younger families and is a region that is growing. To increase opportunities for all includes developing the life long enjoyment of sport and in being an active member of the community.

Additionally our region also has the benefit of broad land scapes and scenic river corridors that lend themselves to offering nature-based recreation experiences.

This strategy addresses the benefits of recreation in terms of improvements to health and wellbeing of the individual and for the community.

This strategy sets our vision and guiding principles. So we are future focused, practical and equitable in delivering great spaces for structured sport and leisure. The Action Plans list these goals point by point and include planning
outcomes as well as specific support, maintenance and capital works improvements. The goals are set over a 10 year timeframe.

Download a full copy of the plan here. (PDF 9.9MB)

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Last Edited: 30 Sep 2019

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