Joira Oval Playground Draft Plan

Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) have developed a master plan for a play-space at Joira Oval, West Dubbo, following a commitment identified within the recently adopted Playground Shade Improvement Program. Installation of a new play space within Delroy Parklands/Grangewood Estate area was identified, to cater for population growth in this area, and help balance the current inequity between West and East Dubbo recreational opportunities.

Joira Oval is a 4.69 hectare undeveloped open grassland area, which presents a great opportunity to install a play space, providing children with the opportunity to practice social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. The proposed area will also create a key connection to Delroy Parklands and the existing pedestrian accessible path system.

The draft plan, identifies a proposed nature-based playground incorporating park furniture, natural and built (shade cloth) shaded areas, with a range of play elements, such as swings and slides. The space will feature soft fall materials along with open irrigated turf areas. The playground has been designed to cater for all ages and abilities creating an all-inclusive recreational opportunity. The proposed play space will also include the extension of plantings adjacent to and within the swale drains (wide/shallow turf covered drainage) with endemic (local) tree species.

DRC welcome and invite your valuable feedback on the Joira oval play space master plan.

To view the plan click here. (PDF 10.3MB)

The draft plan has been placed on public exhibition for 28 days, via DRC’s website, to capture community feedback on the proposed play space design and its location.

The exhibition period is from 8 February 2021 until midnight 7 March 2021.

Submissions can be made via:
• Email –
• Council’s online submission form (please scroll to the bottom of the page.)
• Post - PO Box 81 Dubbo NSW 2830

Joira Oval Play Space Draft Masterplan

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Last Edited: 16 Feb 2021

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