Planning Proposal - Operational Review of Dubbo LEP 2011


A Planning Proposal has been lodged with Council that seeks amendment to the Dubbo LEP 2011.

The Proposal seeks a number of administrative and other amendments, including the following:

1. Amendment of permissible land use activities by:
    (a) Removing Farm Stay Accommodation as a permissible activity in the R5 Large Lot Residential zone;
    (b) Including Water Storage Facilities as a permissible activity in the W2 Recreational Waterways zone; and
    (c) Removing Aquaculture as a permissible activity in the RE2 Private Recreation zone.
2. Amendment of Clause 4.1AA(2) Minimum Subdivision Lot Size for Community Title schemes.
3. Amendment of Clause 4.1A Minimum Subdivision Lot Size for zones RU5 Village and R2 Low Density Residential.
4. Amendment of Clause 5.4 Controls Relating to Miscellaneous Permissible Uses in respect of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation.
5. Inclusion of a new clause to allow for Rural and Nature-Based Tourist Facilities on land zoned RU1 Primary Production, RU2 Rural Landscape and R5 Large Lot Residential.
6. Minor amendment to Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage.
7. Minor amendment to land use zoning in respect of land at Transport Drive, Brocklehurst and Lady Barron Circuit, Dubbo.
8. Minor amendment to biodiversity mapping for an area of land within the Keswick Estate.

    A Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals (PDF 312.4KB)

    Council Minutes dated 8 May 2017 (PDF 220.8KB)

    Council Minutes dated 24 April 2017 (PDF 333KB)

    Council report dated 11 April 2017 (PDF 1MB)

    Council report dated 1 May 2017 (Addendum) (PDF 330.3KB)

    Gateway Determination (PDF 182.5KB)

    Planning Proposal (PDF 918.6KB)

    Project timeline (PDF 183.6KB)

    Proposed heritage map - Terramungamine Homestead (PDF 1.7MB)

    Proposed heritage map - Communications bunker (PDF 1.3MB)

    Proposed land zoning map - Transport Drive (PDF 263.8KB)    

    Proposed land zoning map - Lady Barron Circuit (PDF 857KB)

    Proposed natural resource map - Biodiversity changes (PDF 1.9MB)


The Planning Proposal is on exhibition at Council’s Civic Administration Building, corner Church and Darling streets, Dubbo and the Macquarie Regional Library, Macquarie Street, Dubbo.

A copy of the Planning Proposal is available from Council upon request.


Written or electronic submissions are invited until 5 pm on Friday 24 November 2017.

Please note that, in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, 1998, written submissions received by Council containing personal information may be made public when the matter goes before Council for consideration as they may be included in Council’s Business Papers. Persons have the right to remain anonymous if they so choose by refraining from submitting their personal information however, the submission may be given less weight in the overall assessment and consideration of the Planning Proposal.

For more information please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Services Branch on (02) 6801 4000.



Last Edited: 26 Oct 2017

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