Public Open Space Master Plan


What is Public Open Space?

Public Open Space refers to any area in the LGA that is shared by the community such as parks, reserves, river corridors, sporting fields, streets, and cycle and pathways.

Why have a Masterplan?

The Public Open Space Masterplan framework gives Council a set of strategic directions and actions for Council in delivery of current and future needs of the community. 

Often there are opportunities to better connect these public areas through the development of pedestrian and cycleways, the development of “Park Streets” and through a cooperative partnership with other public land managers and State Agencies.

It also makes it easier to deliver community-identified priorities when seeking funding.

What’s in the plan?

The Plan has been developed along three themes:

Dubbo Region as a destination – building a network of destinations that can be united through pedestrian, cycle and trail networks

Dubbo Region resilience to natural hazards – helping make the region better equipped to deal with flood and fire management as well as achieving a healthy water environment

Dubbo Region Green Web- Planning of green infrastructure such as street trees to create shaded and attractive green spaces throughout the city.  A major sub-theme of the Green Web is increasing the connectivity of Public Open Space that is managed by both Dubbo Regional Council and other public land managers.  This connectivity is not only focussed on the human environment, but also looks at how we can improve biodiversity corridors, including the river corridors through our urban areas.


  • The Dubbo Regional Council Open Space Master Plan 2018 incorporates both Dubbo and Wellington urban areas, and the villages

  • Identifies links between tourist attractions (including both private and public) to strengthen a tourism trail throughout our region

    • Identifies potential future pedestrian and cycleways to improve recreational opportunities and experiences

    • Identifies the Macquarie River as a major recreational link between the major urban centres of Dubbo Regional Council

  • A focus on the importance of street trees in the development and enhancement of our open space network and building climate resilience into our urban areas

  • Plans for greater shade and canopy cover

  • Shows the importance of designing and developing public open spaces that are available to all members of our communities

To view the full plan, click here (PDF 6MB)


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Last Edited: 31 Jan 2019

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