Bridge Construction – Fashions Mount Road

Council provides the following information to local residents of Fashions Mount Road.

As part of its timber bridge replacement program, Dubbo Regional Council is replacing Burrendong Number 2 Bridge, including the construction of a new concrete bridge, approach roadworks and demolition of the existing bridge. See drawing attached to the rear of this notice for a plan view.

Site establishment works for the project are commencing in February 2021. These works will include survey, vegetation clearing, minor earthworks, some tree removals and clearing for a site compound in the road reserve.

Roadworks to realign Fashions Mount Road and the new bridge site will follow.

Bridge construction timeframes will be confirmed at a later date when a
bridge-building contractor has been appointed. However, it is envisaged the project will be completed by the end of November 2021, weather and pandemic conditions permitting.

The existing timber bridge will remain open and trafficable until the new bridge and approach road construction is completed. It will then be demolished. Additionally, access to adjacent properties will be maintained for the duration of the project.

Residents may experience an increase in noise from construction processes. Council acknowledges the potential disruption to residents during this project and we seek your patience and understanding as this essential work is undertaken.

If you would like to speak with Council, regarding project-specific aspects, you are encouraged to contact Council’s Operations Engineer, Robert Flakelar on (02) 6801 4832.

Plan View for Fashions Mount Rd Bridge Construction

Last Edited: 17 Dec 2020

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