Elston Park Water Park - Hours of Operation


Dubbo Regional Council wish to advise the Elston Park Water Park  hours of operation between 3 February 2019 and 28 April 2019 are 9am and 6pm daily

Indicative Operating times are as follows:

3 February 2019 - 28 April 2019 from 9am to 6pm daily

29 April 2019 - CLOSED

Every year between May-September we close the water park to carry out the required maintenance and system testing of the pumps and elements to ensure effective operations throughout the warmer months within the Operating times. This year is no different as we have had to carry out the following in order to have it operational;

 An estimated 80 man hours (on all fours) manually replacing all the concrete joints with a new and improved silicone joints sealer. A total estimated 240 linear metres of joints have been completed this year.

 Repairs to the (1) of the damaged shade cloths which was unfortunately vandalised last year.

 Repairs and annual maintenance to the pump and filtration system.

 A full inspection of the system, it should be noted Council are currently investigating the market for new adaptable elements which can be installed as replacements.

Daily water quality testings and treatments will be carried out on the water park system but Council encourages the public to report any defects or concerns that are observed of the system and surrounding parkland to Councils Customer Services on 6801 400  so that they can be appropriately actioned.

Last Edited: 05 Feb 2019

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