Essential Energy has advised Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) that they will be conducting vegetation management in Dubbo and the surrounding area to protect their infrastructure and ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of the local electricity network.


Essential Energy has legislative entitlements to carry out this vegetation management using their recommended methods. Council are advised that they will use directional pruning techniques that remove branches growing towards a power line and encourage re-growth away from the power network. Essential Energy advise that this work will ensure minimum safety clearances are maintained between trees and overhead power lines.  While this can affect visual amenity, Essential Energy advises these techniques are considered best practice throughout the arboriculture industry and are used by most power companies in Australia.


The vegetation program will be undertaken by Essential Energy’s qualified contractors in compliance with the Australian Standard AS 4373 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’ where possible. Occasionally, however, their practices can vary to accommodate the physical location and regrowth pattern of particular vegetation, or to comply with theElectrical Safety Rules and legislation such as the Electricity Supply Act 1995 (NSW).


Contractors will also comply with the Essential Energy operational protocols which have been developed to ensure employee, contractor and community safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, including complying with all social distancing requirements.


For more information please contact Essential Energy: 13 23 91

Last Edited: 08 Sep 2020

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