St Andrews Drive Pavement Rehabilitation - Council Local Roads

St Andrews Drive Pavement Rehabilitation

Council wishes to advise that roadworks will commence in St Andrews Drive Dubbo, on 14 October 2019, and will occur in two stages. Stage one will take two (2) weeks to complete, followed by stage two which will commence on 4 November 2019 and finish on 6 November 2019, weather permitting. The works will be undertaken in the following three (3) locations (see attached map):

  1. Northbound lane, Between Askernish Drive roundabout to Number 21 St Andrews Drive;
  2. Southbound lane, over the culvert between Pebble Beach Drive and Carnoustie Drive; and
  3. At Cypress Point Drive roundabout.

Please be advised that there will be traffic interruptions, and disruption to normal access of some adjacent properties, as follows:

  1. Northbound lane will be closed to traffic at location 1. Residents in this section of road will not have vehicular access to their properties. Every effort will be made to ensure that access can be re-established as soon as possible. It is expected that vehicle access to properties will be impacted for the duration of works at location 1. Council would appreciate if alternative parking arrangements are sought during this time.
  2. Traffic control will be in place when work is being undertaken on the culvert, to the south of Pebble Beach Drive.
  3. A temporary road closure will take place on 4 November 2019, whilst work is underway at Cypress Point Drive roundabout.

An extensive Traffic Management Plan, with detour, will be in place during the closure. Council crews will be onsite to coordinate access and minimise disruption.

Council acknowledges the inconvenience these works may cause, especially to local residents, and thank you for your continued understanding during these infrastructure improvement works.