Cattle & Sheep Events

Dubbo Showground hosts a number of annual Cattle shows and Sheep shows. The Showgrounds venues attract events held by a number of clubs including the following:

  • Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc - Annual DSSA Eastern Region Show & Sale
  • Herefords Australia National Show & Sale
  • Shorthorn National Show & Sale Committee - Annual National Show
  • Red Angus Society of Australia & Simmental National Show & Sale
  • Charolais National
  • National All Breeds Junior Heifer Show
  • Dubbo National Ram Sales - National Merino Ram Show & Sale
  • National Shorthorn Youth Heifer Show
  • Eastern Region Dorpers Show and Sale
  • National Australian White Sheep Society

Cattle event (2) Sheep event Cattle event (3)

Last Edited: 05 Jul 2019