Engineering standards and drawings

Council's Standard Drawings provide guidance to designers and contractors in the creation of new public assets and are intended to be used as a reference to ensure that a common approach is taken throughout the local government area.   

At the discretion of Council, these drawings may be amended, deleted or additional drawings included.

Designers and other users of these drawings are responsible for all aspects of their design and ensuring they use only the latest available version of the standard drawings.

Council is currently re-designing the Standard Drawings. If you require a copy of a Council Standard Drawing please contact Council's Customer Services on 6801 4000. 


STD 1264 Pipe Culvert in Rural Situation

STD 1270 Stormwater Gully Pipe

STD 1271 Stormwater Junction Pit

STD 1620 Graded Inlet Pit in Roll Over Kerb

STD 5090 Graded Letter Opening Stormwater Pit

STD 5166 Pram Ramp

STD 5197 Inter-Allotment Drainage Inlet Pit

STD 5205 Crossover Driveway Slab

STD 5211 Driveway Slab

STD 5235 Kerb and Vehicle Crossing Profiles

STD 5251 Footpaths and Cycleways

STD 5266 Concrete Causeway

STD 5268 Residential Subdivision Service Allocation in Footway

STD 5320 Hydrant Location Markers for Urban Roads

STD 5364 Grated Surcharge and Inlet Pits

STD 5458 Intersection Median Island

STD 5518 Utility Trench Details

STD 5882 20mm Water Service Connection Detail

STD 6639 Tree Planting Standards

STD 6659 Bridge Style Vehicular Crossing Slab

STD 6720 Installation of Stormwater Outlets Through Kerb Face

STD 6738 Arrangements for Pits with Internal Branch Points

STD 6750 Subsoil Drainage Flushing Point

STD 6763 CBD Stormwater Kerb Adaptor

STD 6818 Scour Valve Pit and Fittings Arrangement

STD 6882 Street Name Signs



Last Edited: 24 Oct 2016

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