Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer and Directors of each of the five Divisions of Council; Culture and Economy, Organisational Performance, Infrastructure, Development and Environment, and Liveability. The Executive Leadership Team provides strong strategic direction and support for key services and priority areas across Council.

Council’s organisational structure enables Council to deliver services effectively to the community aligned with Council’s purpose to make our community a great place to live, work and play. A high level Executive Leadership Team structure can be viewed here.


                                          executive services




Chief Executive Officer

  Areas of responsibility: 

  • The day-to-day management of Council, exercising functions delegated by Council, ensuring Council staff implement the decisions made by Council, and all staffing matters.
  • Corporate Image and Communications; communications partners, digital communications, graphic design.
  • People, Culture and Safety; safety and risk management, people and culture, wellbeing and health business, injury management, payroll.
  • Executive manager governance and internal control; internal ombudsman, internal auditor, governance, administration.

                                          Culture and economy


Natasha Comber - Director Economic Development and Business



Natasha Comber


Areas of responsibility:

  • Regional Events; Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre, Wellington Civic Centre, Dubbo and Wellington Showgrounds
  • Event Attraction; support and development
  • Regional Experiences; Cultural Development and Services, Western Plains Cultural Centre, Old Dubbo Gaol, Wellington Caves Complex
  • Regional Services; Dubbo City Regional Airport, Wellington Aerodrome and Recreation Park, Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets
  • Economic Development and Marketing; Destination Marketing, Grant Attraction and Support, Industry and Business Development, Visitor Information Services, New Resident Attraction and Central Business District activation.

                                           organisational performance

   Dean Frost.jpg 




  Areas of responsibility: 

  • Management Accounting; long-term financial plan, annual operational plan and budget and quarterly operational plan review.
  • Financial Accounting; accounts receivable, accounts payable, statutory reporting and names and address register.
  • Corporate Procurement; tender coordination and centre-led supply and purchasing.
  • Corporate Asset Management; policies, capabilities and asset management system.
  • Information Services; Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provision and information management strategy.
  • Customer Experience Centres; Dubbo and Wellington.
  • Property Management; property portfolio management, centralised building asset management, leasing, licensing and cleaning.


Julian Geddes


Julian geddes 


Areas of responsibility:

  • Infrastructure Strategy; infrastructure design, storm water drainage, flood mitigation, development and subdivision engineering, technical advisory and design services.
  • Infrastructure Delivery; civil infrastructure - construction and maintenance, reinstatements and private works.
  • Water and Sewerage Services; water supply, sewerage services and trade waste.
  • Transport Management; civil infrastructure asset management (roads, footpaths, cycleways), traffic management, regulation, road safety and street lighting.
  • Fleet Management.
  • Solid Waste Management; domestic waste, commercial waste, green waste, recycling and landfill and transfer station management.
  • Emergency Management; fire services and emergency management.

                                           development and Environment

Stephen Wallace_2018 web



stephen wallace


Areas of responsibility:   

  • Strategic Planning; corporate planning, development strategies, development control plans, planning proposals, flood plain management and demographic data management.
  • Environmental Sustainability; policy, impact assessment and environmental education.
  • Planning and Advocacy; planning reform.
  • Building and Development; development control, Heritage Advisory Services, swimming pool compliances and duty planners and building surveyors. 
  • Property Information Services; land information services and geographical names management.
  • Regulatory Services and Environmental Control; illegal dumping / pollution incidents, on site sewer management, ranger services, human health services, compliance and animal shelter.                                     


John Watts



ACTING Director                        

 Areas of responsibility:

  • Community Services; social services, youth development, aboriginal liaison, aged and disability, childcare services, cemetery management.
  • Macquarie Regional Library services; regional library management of neighbouring councils, Dubbo Regional Council library management.
  • Public Open Space; operations, horticulture and landcare, program planning and delivery, asset management, community land management, subdivision landscaping advisory and compliance.
  • Recreation; sporting groups liaison, program planning and delivery and asset and contract management, Aquatic facilities, Showgrounds.

Last Edited: 14 Oct 2021

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