Residential Rubbish Overview

Residential Rubbish Overview

Find out about Dubbo Regional Council's domestic waste management, bulky rubbish collection, tipping vouchers, waste facilities and more.


Dubbo Regional Council operates a three-bin kerbside waste collection service to residential properties in selected urban areas, and a two-bin kerbside waste collection service to residential properties located in selected urban fringe and outer areas. Find out more about collection types, view the collection calendar, inspect the interactive map for your property's collection details, and view frequently asked questions at Council's dedicated webpage Domestic Waste Management.


Dubbo Regional Council manages a range of waste facilities across the Local Government Area. These waste facilities are cashless as of 1 July 2024; all cards including our MyDubbo Region Shopping Card are accepted with no additional surcharges from Dubbo Regional Council. Find out more about the Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre, Wellington Waste Transfer Station, and Village and Rural Waste Facilities at Council's dedicated webpage Council Waste Facilities.


We have changed the way you can access residential tipping vouchers. This program is available to residents who receive a two or three bin kerbside collection. Each eligible household can access one voucher per financial year. Find out more about the program at Council's dedicated webpage Tipping Vouchers.


We have changed the way you can access bulky rubbish collection services by launching a one-year trial for a pre-book collection service. This service is available to residents who receive a two or three bin kerbside collection, and each eligible household can book one collection per financial year. Find out more about the service at Council's dedicated webpage Bulky Rubbish Collection.


For information on NSW EPA's annual 'Household Chemical Clean-Out' event, or locations in the Dubbo Region that you can take your hazardous waste to, head to Council's dedicated webpage Hazardous Waste.


Dubbo Regional Council aims to provide and support a range of waste education opportunities for the whole community, find out how to be waste wise at home. Find out more at Council's dedicated webpage Waste Wise at Home.

Educational material, programs and services are available to encourage and support sustainable change. View Council's dedicated webpage for more information; Waste Education for Business and Community.

Last Edited: 28 Jun 2024

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