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All Council Policies are currently under review. Policies and will be made available for download once they are adopted by Council. For more information on any of these Policies, or if you would like a copy of any of the existing Policies, please contact Council’s Governance & Risk Branch on (02) 6801 4000.

Access to Councillor Email Messages (pdf 125.8KB)
The purpose of this policy is to define the processes with regard to a Councillor's email messages.
Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (pdf 404.5KB)
Council's Policy on Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
Applications and Enquiries Relating to Events Including Protests, Demonstrations and Special Events on the Road Network (pdf 1MB)
Council's Policy on Applications and Enquiries Relating to Events Including Protests, Demonstrations and Special Events on the Road Network.
Aquatic Leisure Centres - Usage (pdf 139.7KB)
This policy determines a set level of hierarchy of access to the Dubbo Regional Council Aquatic Leisure Centres for all uses, and to protect the integrity of the 'aquatic industry business' that is being conducted by Dubbo Regional Council at their Aquatic Leisure Centres.
Asbestos Dubbo Regional Council (pdf 780.1KB)
The policy provides information for council workers, the local community and wider public. Part 1 of the policy includes the sections that are likely to be of most interest to the local community and wider public. Part 2 is information that applies to workers associated with council including employees, contractors, consultants, and volunteers (as defined by the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011).
Asset Management (pdf 118.3KB)
Council's Asset Management Policy adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 28 August 2017.
Bitumen Sealing of Council Roads (pdf 132KB)
To provide clarity on the proposed extension of the bitumen sealed network within the region. 1. To define criteria for the provision of bitumen seals on urban and rural gravel roads where adjoining property owners request some action to reduce or remove the nuisance of dust, or improve conditions beyond approved service levels, adjacent to their property.
Code of Conduct (pdf 392.4KB)
The Code of Conduct sets the minimum standards of conduct for Council officials. It is prescribed by regulation to assist Council officials to: • understand and comply with the standards of conduct that are expected of them • enable them to fulfil their statutory duty to act honestly and exercise a reasonable degree of care and diligence (section 439) • act in a way that enhances public confidence in local government.
Code of Conduct - Procedures for Administration of (pdf 358.3KB)
These procedures ("the Model Code Procedures" )are prescribed for the administration of the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW ("the Model Code of Conduct").
Code of Meeting Practice (pdf 476.4KB)
Council's Code of Meeting Practice sets the rules and regulations for the conduct of Council meetings.
Collective Impact for Social Change (pdf 185.5KB)
The purpose of this policy is to define how Council shall work together with community, government and the Non-Government Organisations (NGO) sector to deliver transformative outcomes for communities that have high levels of incarceration within the criminal justice system and in particular the over representation of Aboriginal people, high rates of drug and alcohol addiction, high levels of unemployment and other areas of over representation in measures of social disadvantage.
Community Engagement and Communication (pdf 150.8KB)
Council's Policy on Community Engagement and Communication adopted at Council's Ordinary Meeting of Council held 28 August 2017.
Complaints Management Policy (pdf 133KB)
This policy outlines Council's approach for responding to complaints in a timely; consistent and structured manner and seeks to develop a positive attitude toward complaints that allows for Council to reflect upon customer feedback and enhance service delivery where potential for improvements are identified.
Contaminated Land Policy (pdf 585KB)
The Policy will apply to all land with respect to the investigation and remediation of land contamination in relation to making planning decisions, keeping and providing relevant information and the monitoring of remediation.
Corporate Image Policy (pdf 334.4KB)
Dubbo Regional Council's Corporate Image Policy commencing July 2017.
Councillor and Staff Interaction (pdf 346.7KB)
This policy provides direction on interactions between Councillors and staff to assist both parties in carrying out their day-to-day duties professionally, ethically and respectfully.
Dealing with Development Applications for Councillors and Employees (pdf 142.4KB)
This policy is to provide a transparent protocol for the determination of development applications lodged by Councillors, Council employees or family members thereof.
Debt Recovery and Financial Hardship Policy (pdf 351.8KB)
Councils policy on debt recovery and financial hardship.
Deferred Payment of Developer Contributions for Residential Subdivision in Dubbo (pdf 229.6KB)
Dubbo Regional Council's Deferred Payment Contributions for Residential Subdivision in Dubbo commencing 6 October 2016
Enterprise Risk Management (pdf 128.9KB)
This policy will ensure that the management of risk is seen as good business sense and provide a way to confidently know which risks to take fro the benefit of a greater opportunity, which risks to avoid in order to prevent significant impact on the organization and managing the outcomes for success in order to achieve the organization's key objectives.
Financial Assistance Policy (pdf 242.7KB)
This policy ensures Council adheres to ICAC and Department of Local Government probity issues and also ensures applicants are provided optimal opportunity to seek assistance through the most appropriate channels.
Flooding in Geurie (pdf 585.2KB)
Flooding of land is a natural event. this policy provides specific requirements for development on land classified by Council as flood prone land. This policy provides information to residents and prospective developers where properties are likely to be impacted by flood waters and steps that can be undertaken to mitigate the risk of flooding.
Food Act Compliance and Enforcement Policy (pdf 150.1KB)
This policy provides transparency to consumers and industry on how the council will promote compliance and make decisions on enforcement action.
Fraud and Corruption Prevention (pdf 357.8KB)
Council's Policy on Fraud and Corruption Prevention.
Greywater Recycled Water Reuse Policy (pdf 194KB)
This Policy is to integrate the regulatory requirements for greywater and recycled water management.
Incomplete and Inadequate Development Application Management (pdf 130.5KB)
This policy aims to facilitate the efficient assessment of all applications for development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, by communicating how Council will manage applications.
Injured Companion Animals not in Council's Care/Impound (pdf 107.8KB)
This policy will detail the circumstances where Council will respond to incidents of injured, stray companion animals and provide veterinary treatment at Council's cost to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering to the animal.
Internal Ombudsman Policy (pdf 190.3KB)
This policy is to be considered as an addition to Council's Complaints Management Policy and serves to outline the purpose and responsibilities of the Internal Ombudsman.
Investment - March 2021 (pdf 268KB)
The Policy provides a framework for the optimum investment of Council's funds.
Investment Strategy - March 2021 (pdf 204.3KB)
The annual Investment Strategy sets out Council's investment goals and targets for the coming year.
Keeping of Birds and Erection of Bird Enclosures and Pigeon Lofts Policy (pdf 147.7KB)
The purpose of this policy is to provide general guidelines for the keeping of birds and clear criteria for the assessment of any applications for the erection of bird enclosures or pigeon lofts that do not require development consent from Council.
Legionella Management (pdf 291.9KB)
The purpose of the Legionella Management Policy is to minimise the risk of transmissions of Legionellosis (Legionnaires Disease) from the built environment to susceptible hosts.
Local Purchasing Policy (pdf 183.6KB)
Councils policy on local purchasing
Management of Feral/Infant Companion Animals Policy (pdf 118.6KB)
To manage the high numbers of feral and infant companion animals that come into the care of Council in a timely manner by permitting euthanasia where there are no alternative options.
Media Protocols Policy (pdf 348.6KB)
Dubbo Regional Council's Media Protocols Policy commencing July 2017
Mobile Food Vendor Policy (pdf 239KB)
The purpose of the Mobile Food Vendor Policy is to provide a clear and concise Policy for the management of all Mobile Food Vendor Vehicles operating or intending to operate within the Dubbo Regional Council Local Government Area (LGA).
Outdoor Dining Policy (pdf 4MB)
This policy provides guidance for cafes and food premises and assists food premises (Operators) in obtaining approvals for outdoor dining.
Payment and Provision of Expenses for the Mayor and Councillors (pdf 669.6KB)
This policy enables the reasonable and appropriate reimbursement of expenses and provision of facilities to councillors to help them undertake their civic duties.
Petitions Policy (pdf 149.1KB)
Council policy on how to lodge petitions.
Planning Proposal Policy (pdf 610.6KB)
The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance to landowners, developers and the community on the application of Council’s three-tiered, fee structure for the assessment of a planning proposal request. The Policy aims to ensure that the application of the fee structure is delivered in a clear and transparent manner which can be easily interpreted and understood.
Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure (pdf 368.8KB)
Council's Policy and Procedure on the Prevention of Workplace Bullying
Privacy Management Plan Policy (pdf 669.4KB)
Council's Privacy Management Plan
Public Interest Disclosures and Internal Reporting (pdf 423KB)
The purpose of this policy is to establish an internal reporting system for staff and councillors to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.
Related Party Disclosures (pdf 273.2KB)
This policy is to define the parameters for Related Party Transactions and the level of disclosure and reporting required for Council to achieve compliance with the Australian Accounting Standard AASB 124 - Related Party Disclosures.
Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy (pdf 319.6KB)
This policy clarifies Dubbo Regional Council's position regarding the management of Unreasonable Complainant Conduct and seeks to ensure that Council applies a fair and consistent approach supported with resources and guidance and with the full support and endorsement of Council and the Chief Executive Officer.
Use of Council Seal (pdf 416.8KB)
This policy sets out the situations in which the Common Seal of the Council is required, and how the seal is to be used.
Water Connection Backflow Prevention and Pricing Policy (pdf 603.4KB)
This Policy deals with water connections from Council's water reticulation network supplying drinking water onto the property of Council's water supply customer and technical and administration and pricing matters associated with these connections.
Writing Off Rates and Charges and Debts (pdf 298.9KB)
This policy defines the set amount where any debt above the amount delegated to the Chief Executive Officer may only be written off by Council resolution.

Last Edited: 20 Sep 2021

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