A-Z Council policies

All Council Policies are currently under review. Policies and will be made available for download once they are adopted by Council. For more information on any of these Policies, or if you would like a copy of any of the existing Policies, please contact Council’s Governance & Risk Branch on (02) 6801 4000.

Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (pdf 177.4KB)
Council's Policy on Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
Asbestos (for the former Dubbo Local Government Area) (pdf 750KB)
This Asbestos policy applies to land within the former Dubbo Local Government Area (LGA) under council’s jurisdiction. It outlines council’s commitment and responsibilities in relation to safely managing asbestos and contains general advice.
Code of Meeting Practice (pdf 231.4KB)
Council's Code of Meeting Practice sets the rules and regulations for the conduct of Council meetings.
Contaminated Land Policy (pdf 585KB)
The Policy will apply to all land with respect to the investigation and remediation of land contamination in relation to making planning decisions, keeping and providing relevant information and the monitoring of remediation.
Corporate Financial and In-kind Assistance Policy (pdf 400.4KB)
Dubbo Regional Council's Corporate Financial and In-kind Assistance Policy
Deferred Payment of Developer Contributions for Residential Subdivsion in Dubbo (pdf 229.6KB)
Dubbo Regional Council's Deferred Payment Contributions for Residential Subdivision in Dubbo commencing 6 October 2016
Food Act Compliance and Enforcement Policy (pdf 150.1KB)
This policy provides transparency to consumers and industry on how the council will promote compliance and make decisions on enforcement action.
Greywater Recycled Water Reuse Policy (pdf 194KB)
This Policy is to integrate the regulatory requirements for greywater and recycled water management.
Investment Policy December 2016 (pdf 486.8KB)
This is Dubbo Regional Council's Investment Policy adopted December 2016
Investment Strategy December 2016 (pdf 690.1KB)
Dubbo Regional Council Investment Strategy December 2016
Keeping of Birds and Erection of Bird Enclosures and Pigeon Lofts Policy (pdf 147.7KB)
The purpose of this policy is to provide general guidelines for the keeping of birds and clear criteria for the assessment of any applications for the erection of bird enclosures or pigeon lofts that do not require development consent from Council.
Legionella Management Policy (pdf 325.5KB)
The purpose of this policy is to minimize the risk of transmissions of Legionellosis (Legionnaires Disease) from the built environment to susceptible hosts.
Local Purchasing Policy (pdf 258.8KB)
This Council Policy provides a cost comparative advantage for approved local suppliers. To apply to Council to become an approved Local Supplier, please see A-Z Forms on this website.
Management of Feral/Infant Companion Animals Policy (pdf 118.6KB)
To manage the high numbers of feral and infant companion animals that come into the care of Council in a timely manner by permitting euthanasia where there are no alternative options.
Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for the Administrator (pdf 427.6KB)
In accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 Council is required to adopt a Policy concerning the payment of fees and expenses and the provision of facilities to the Administrator in relation to their role and discharging the functions of Civic Office.
Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy and Procedure (pdf 173.2KB)
Council's Policy and Procedure on the Prevention of Workplace Bullying
Privacy Management Plan Policy (pdf 533.9KB)
Council's Privacy Management Plan
Public Interest Disclosures and Internal Reporting Policy (pdf 765.4KB)
The purpose of this policy is to establish an internal reporting system for staff and councillors to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal.
Use of Council Seal (pdf 416.8KB)
This policy sets out the situations in which the Common Seal of the Council is required, and how the seal is to be used.

Last Edited: 30 May 2017

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