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Expand the sections below to find out more about Dubbo Regional Council's water filling station information, bulk water and water carter requirements.


Council’s Water Filling Stations (PDF 1.7MB) offer a convenient means for contractors, water carters and rural customers to access drinking water in a number of locations throughout the Dubbo (PDF 698KB) and Wellington (PDF 380.8KB) region. 
Customers wishing to use the Water Filling Stations need to apply to Council for an account and access key. Bulk water charges and a key deposit fee apply, as per Council’s Revenue Policy.

An application form for an account key can be obtained from Council’s Customer Experience Centre Dubbo on Cnr of Church and Darling Streets, Dubbo or Wellington office corner Nanima Crescent & Warne Street, Wellington.

For instructions and conditions for using Council's Water Filling Stations please read the below documents.

Water Filling Station - Application for Conditions of Use and Instructions (PDF 682.4KB)


A drinking water carter must make and keep for at least six months a record of:

  • The name of the water supplier from which the water carter received drinking water
  • The name and address of each person to whom the water carter supplied water
  • The place, date, time and volume of water supplied to that person
  • Details of any substances other than drinking water transported in any water tank used by the water carter, and
  • The dates on which any water tank used by the water carter was cleaned.

NSW Health and NSW Food Authority have developed Guidelines to help drinking water carters provide safe drinking water and comply with the requirements of the Public Health Act 2010, the Public Health Regulation 2012, the Food Act 2003 and the Local Government Act 1993.

Drinking water carters must develop and adhere to a Quality Assurance Program as required by the legislation.

A copy of the completed Quality Assurance Program document must be provided to the local Public Health Unit.

Further information for water carters can be accessed through the NSW Health website. If you wish to Register as a Water Carter please submit this application to Council for processing Water Carter Application (PDF 1.3MB)

Contact Council’s Development and Environment Division on (02) 6801 4000 for further information on Water Carter requirements

Last Edited: 09 Nov 2023

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