Council meetings



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DRC Council meetings will be held online. You can watch the meetings LIVE here.

Ordinary Council Meetings

Council generally meets on the fourth Monday of each month, commencing 5.30pm (except January and public holidays). Extraordinary meetings are called when needed. Meetings are live streamed and can be viewed here.

Committee Meetings

Committees meet on the second Monday of each month (except January, December and public holidays). Meetings are live streamed and can be viewed here.

The Committee meetings start at 5.30pm in the following order:

  1. Development and Environment Committee (where required)
  2. Infrastructure and Liveability Committee
  3. Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee


Members of the public are able to address the Mayor and Councillors at Committee meetings or during Public Forum at Ordinary Council meetings.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be limited numbers able to attend the meeting in the public gallery and strict social distancing measures will need to be followed. All attendees will need the check-in, wear a mask and provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination status. If a member of the public would like to address Council but is has not received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, they can make written submissions which will be read out during the meeting. Please contact the Governance team for more information (02 6801 4000).

Any person wishing to address Council or Committees is to be provided with a copy of the Procedure for Addressing Council and Standing Committees. Such persons are then required to formally advise Council that they have read the Procedure and will abide by its contents.

Any potential tenderer (being a person or entity, including their agent, employee or representative that has requested documents or information regarding a tender or quotation) must not be permitted to address a meeting of Council (including any Committee or Working Party of Council) regarding the relevant tender or quotation documents without the prior written consent of the Chief Executive Officer.

In deciding whether to grant such consent, the Chief Executive Officer may take into consideration any relevant legislative requirements, tendering guidelines issued by the Office of Local Government from time to time, terms of the relevant tender or quotation documents, Council's Code of Conduct and the rules of procedural fairness (it is noted that Council has a statutory obligation to ensure that any requests for tender or quotation documents, or information or clarification regarding the tender or quotation, from any potential tenderer, must be directed to the responsible officer identified in the tender or quotation documents).

Addressing Standing Committees

It is Council's practice that members of the public who have an interest in matters before Council's Standing Committees (Development and Environment; Infrastructure and Liveability; Culture, Economy and Corporate), are advised that they may attend and address those Committees. This practice is more informal and there is often interaction/questions/discussions between those persons and the Councillors and staff. This informality has been at the discretion of the Chairperson, noting that only those matters listed on the Committee's agenda will be discussed. Matters of ‘general interest’ are not to be raised by the public.

Addressing Council during Public Forum

  • Any person can apply to address either an Ordinary meeting or Extraordinary meeting of Council during Public Forum on any issue relevant to the responsibilities of Dubbo Regional Council (subject to the above statements regarding tenderers).
  • Requests to address Council during Public Forum should be made to Council's Executive Manager Governance and Internal Control (or nominee) at least two (2) hours prior to the meeting. Applicants shall advise the agenda item/topic to be addressed. Only two (2) speakers shall be able to address the same agenda item/topic.
  • Requests will be advised to the Mayor prior to the commencement of the meeting.
  • Each individual address is limited to a maximum of five (5) minutes.
  • Public Forum is limited to a maximum period of thirty (30) minutes and shall be held following ‘Confirmation of Order of Business’ on the Council agenda. The Mayor will generally give first preference to those speakers who have an interest in a matter on the agenda for the meeting. Should there remain time following speakers who have previously nominated, the Mayor will enquire of the Public Gallery if there are any other speakers.
  • Should the number of nominated speakers exceed the thirty (30) minute timeframe, a decision by Council may extend the time frame for Public Forum by a maximum of (10) minutes.
  • If speakers wish to distribute material to Council and officers, twenty (20) copies shall be provided to the Executive Manager Governance and Internal Control (or nominee) prior to the meeting.
  • Where an address relates to an item on the agenda for the subject meeting, the issues raised by the speaker(s) shall be dealt with when Council considers that item as part of the agenda. If questions (a maximum of two (2)) are raised by the speaker as part of their address, the Mayor may either provide a response or request the Chief Executive Officer to reply to the speaker at the conclusion of the address. Questions may come from/through the Mayor to the person addressing Council at the time or to the Mayor or Chief Executive Officer at the conclusion of the speaker's address. If questions require investigation, they can be taken on notice with the Executive Manager Governance and Internal Control to obtain the necessary information for response to the speaker and the Mayor and Councillors.
  • Where an address relates to an issue of general interest (a matter not listed on the agenda), it cannot be debated by Council except where, in accordance with Clause 241 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 and Clause b(i) of Council’s Code of Meeting Practice (Clause 11 of Council's Meeting Procedure):
    • Motion is passed to have the business transacted at the meeting; and
    • The business proposed to be brought forward is ruled by the Chairperson to be of great urgency.

If a matter of general interest is raised, is not a ‘Matter of Urgency’ as above, and the Mayor or a Councillor wishes the matter to be considered by Council, the Mayor or Councillor may, as per Council's Code of Meeting Practice, lodge a Notice of Motion for consideration at a future meeting of the Council.

  • Speakers must conduct themselves with respect to Council and observe the rules of order and meeting procedure as contained in Council's Code of Meeting Practice. As part of Public Forum, the Mayor shall ensure the conduct of Public Forum is such that presenters:
    • Confine their presentation to a statement of facts
    • Not insult or make personal reflections or impute improper motives to the Mayor, Councillors or member of staff
    • Not say or do anything that is inconsistent with maintaining order at the meeting or is likely to bring Council into contempt
    • Allow other speakers to put their views without interruption.

To address Council during Public Forum, the below form must be completed and returned to a representative of the Executive Manager Governance and Internal Control. Contact details are available within the form.


Procedures for Addressing Council and Standing Committees  (PDF 231.1KB)

Calendar and Business Papers

Agendas and Business papers are available on the Friday prior to the meeting via the links provided below.

 Updated Meeting Calendar 2021 (PDF 124.1KB)


Meeting Date Location Business Paper  Attachments  Minutes
 28 October 2021 Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 543.4KB)    
 28 October 2021 Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 37.7MB)
 25 October 2021 Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 555.5KB)    Committee of the Whole minutes (PDF 564.2KB)
 25 October 2021 Dubbo

Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 154.8MB)

Reduced File Size version of Business Paper (PDF 54.8MB)

Mayoral Minute - CCL21/236a (PDF 1.8MB)

Presentation - Dubbo Transportation Strategy 2020 - CCL21/251 (PDF 4MB)

 Ordinary Council minutes (PDF 799.2KB)
 21 October 2021 Dubbo Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 873.3KB)   Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 432.6KB)
 11 October 2021 Dubbo Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 2.8MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee minutes (PDF 595.6KB)
 11 October 2021 Dubbo Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 19.8MB)    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee minutes (PDF 475.2KB)
 11 October 2021  Dubbo Development and Environment Committee (PDF 2MB)    Development and Environment Committee minutes (PDF 438.5KB)
 28 September 2021  Online  Committee of the Whole (PDF 548.7KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 443.7KB)
 28 September 2021  Online  Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 424.7KB)    Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 443.1KB)
 27 September 2021 Online Committee of the Whole (PDF 558.2KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 689.1KB)
 27 September 2021  Online Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 10.5MB)    Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 762.7KB)
 13 September 2021  Online  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 1.2MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 569.7KB)
 13 September 2021  Online  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 2.1MB)    Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 549.6KB)
 6 September 2021  Online  Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 832.3KB)    Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 452.5KB)
 23 August 2021  Online Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 9.8MB)    Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 733KB)
 10 August 2021  Online  Committee of the Whole (PDF 551.1KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 448KB)
 10 August 2021  Online  Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 2.9MB)    Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 578.7KB)
 26 July 2021  Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 562.2KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 701.2KB)
 26 July 2021  Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 4.2MB)

Attachments Under Separate Cover (PDF 30.5MB)

Excluded Attachments (PDF 47.2MB)

Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 834.1KB)
 12 July 2021  Online  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 17.7MB)    Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 584.8KB)
 12 July 2021  Online  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 5MB)  Attachments Under Separate Cover (PDF 30.3MB)  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 712.4KB)
 12 July 2021  Online  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 5.3MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 566.7KB)
 28 June 2021  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 558.3KB)   Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 462.2KB)
 28 June 2021  Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 1.4MB)  Attachments Under Separate Cover (PDF 91.9MB)  Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 741.6KB)
 15 June 2021  Dubbo Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 759.2KB)

 Independent Investigator Report (PDF 4.5MB)

Independent Investigation - Terms of Reference (PDF 153.3KB) - Adopted by Council 15/06/2021

 Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 575.7KB)
 15 June 2021  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole    Committee of the Whole minutes (PDF 444.4KB)
 15 June 2021  Dubbo  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 5.5MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee minutes (PDF 576.7KB)
 15 June 2021  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 15.7MB)    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee minutes (PDF 461.8KB)
 15 June 2021  Dubbo Development and Environment Committee (PDF 2.3MB)    Development and Environment Committee minutes (PDF 590.5KB)
 3 June 2021  Dubbo Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 4.9MB)    Extraordinary Council minutes (PDF 462.7KB)
 24 May 2021  Dubbo   Committee of the Whole (PDF 545.3KB)    Committee of the Whole minutes (PDF 456.5KB)
 24 May 2021  Dubbo  Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 2MB)  Attachments under Separate Cover (PDF 118.1MB) Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 669.7KB)
 17 May 2021  Dubbo Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 418.4KB)    Extraordinary Council Minutes (PDF 404.4KB)
 10 May 2021  Dubbo Cancelled due to lack of quorum.    
 10 May 2021  Dubbo Cancelled due to lack of quorum.    
 10 May 2021  Dubbo Cancelled due to lack of quorum.  
 4 May 2021  Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 563.1KB)    Committee of the Whole minutes (PDF 455.4KB)
 4 May 2021 Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 10.5MB)    Ordinary Council minutes (PDF 502.6KB)
 26 April 2021 Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 543.4KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 103.1KB)
 26 April 2021 Dubbo  Ordinary Meeting of Council (PDF 72.5MB)   Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 497.2KB)
 19 April 2021  Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 656.8KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 436.9KB)
 19 April 2021  Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 1.1MB)    Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes
 12 April 2021 Dubbo Extraordinary Council meeting    Extraordinary Council Meeting
 12 April 2021 Dubbo Development and Environment Committee    Development and Environment Committee Minutes
 12 April 2021 Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 120.7KB)
 12 April 2021 Dubbo Culture Economy and Corporate Committee    Culture Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 153.1KB)
 22 March 2021  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 542.1KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 445.6KB)
 22 March 2021  Dubbo  Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 27.2MB)  CCL21/46 - Attachment Under Separate Cover (PDF 54.2MB)  Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (PDF 764.3KB)
 8 March 2021  Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 13.9MB)    Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 605.8KB)
 8 March 2021  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 28.9MB)    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 500KB)
 8 March 2021  Dubbo  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 1.7MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 590KB)
 22 February 2021  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 557.8KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 577KB)
 22 February 2021  Dubbo  Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 70MB)    Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (PDF 759.9KB)
 8 February 2021  Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 9.4MB) DEC21/4 - Attachments Under Separate Cover (PDF 157MB)  Development and Environment Committee minutes (PDF 459.4KB)
 8 February 2021  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 1.3MB)    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee minutes (PDF 576.3KB)
 8 February 2021  Dubbo  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 2.1MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee minutes (PDF 579.3KB)
 25 January 2021 Dubbo  Extraordinary Council Meeting    Extraordinary Council Meeting - Minutes (PDF 614.9KB) 
 7 December 2020  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 554KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 573.8KB)
 7 December 2020  Dubbo  Ordinary Council (PDF 34.6MB)   Mayoral Minute - CCL20/210a (PDF 143KB)  Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (PDF 665.6KB)
 23 November 2020 Dubbo  Committee of the Whole  (PDF 543.6KB)    Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 553.9KB)
23 November 2020   Dubbo  Ordinary Council (PDF 14.4MB)

 CCL20/192 - 2019/2020 Annual Report - Attachment Under Separate Cover (PDF 128.9MB)

Mayoral Minute - CCL20/187a (PDF 1.4MB)

 Ordinary Council Meeting minutes (PDF 693.8KB)
 9 November 2020 Dubbo   Development and Environment Committee (PDF 5.8MB)    Development and Environment Committee minutes (PDF 443.3KB)
 9 November 2020  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 31.3MB)    Infrastructure and Liveability Committee minutes (PDF 601.7KB)
 9 November 2020  Dubbo  Culture Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 2.2MB)    Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee minutes (PDF 587KB)
 29 October 2020 Dubbo Extraordinary Council meeting    Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes (PDF 440.6KB)
 26 October 2020 Dubbo Ordinary Council meeting    Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes (PDF 633.4KB)
 12 October 2020 Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee   Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 450.6KB)
 12 October 2020  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 580.3KB)
 12 October 2020 Dubbo Culture Economy and Corporate Committee   Culture Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 580.3KB)
 28 September 2020  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 557.6KB)   Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 587.4KB)
 28 September 2020 Dubbo  Ordinary Council (PDF 1.9MB)  Attachments for Ordinary Council  (PDF 67.1MB) Ordinary Council Meeting minutes (PDF 757.4KB)
 14 September 2020  Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 1.7MB)   Development and Environment Committee  (PDF 97KB)
 14 September 2020  Dubbo   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 49.7MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 154.1KB)
14 September 2020  Dubbo Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee  (PDF 4MB)   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 143KB)
 24 August 2020 Dubbo Ordinary Council (PDF 7.1MB)    Ordinary Council Minutes  (PDF 164.2KB)
 24 August 2020 Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 551.8KB)   Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 104.2KB)
 10 August 2020 Dubbo  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 999.7KB)   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 137.2KB)
 10 August 2020 Dubbo   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 21.4MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 117.5KB)
 10 August 2020 Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 1.3MB)   Development and Environment Committee (PDF 95.6KB)
 27 July 2020  Dubbo Ordinary Council  (PDF 29.8MB)
  Ordinary Council Minutes  (PDF 153.8KB)
 27 July 2020  Dubbo Committee of the Whole (PDF 564.2KB)    Committee of the Whole  (PDF 149.3KB)
13 July 2020   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 11.3MB)   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 142KB)
13 July 2020   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 95.9MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 189.4KB)
13 July 2020     Development and Environment Committee (PDF 1.7MB)  Attachments - Development and Environment Committee (PDF 152.2MB) Development and Environment Committee (PDF 118.9KB)
6 July 2020   Committee of the Whole (PDF 125.7KB)    Committee of the Whole (PDF 101.6KB)
 6 July 2020   Extraordinary Council (PDF 91.6KB)    Extraordinary Council (PDF 99.9KB)
22 June 2020 Dubbo  Ordinary Council (PDF 97.4MB)   Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 1006.6KB)
22 June 2020  Dubbo  Committee of the Whole (PDF 131KB)   Committee of the Whole Minutes (PDF 532.8KB)
9 June 2020  Dubbo  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 789.5KB)   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee - Minutes (PDF 103.4KB) 
9 June 2020  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 59.4MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee - Minutes (PDF 100.1KB)
9 June 2020  Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 2.3MB)   Development and Environment Committee Minutes  (PDF 102.4KB)
25 May 2020  Online  Committee of the Whole Council (PDF 614.9KB)   Committee of the Whole Council Minutes (PDF 118KB)
25 May 2020  Online  Ordinary Council (PDF 13.1MB)   Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 164.9KB)
11 May 2020 Online  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 35.5MB)   Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 139KB)
 11 May 2020 Online Infrastructure and Liveability Committee  (PDF 167.9KB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 104.1KB)
11 May 2020 Online Development and Environment Committee (PDF 2MB)   Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 98.2KB)
27 April 2020 Online  Ordinary Council (PDF 201.8MB)   Ordinary Council Minutes (PDF 130.5KB)
14 April 2020  Online  Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 31.6MB) CEC20/13 - COVID-19 Rates Financial Assistance Policy (PDF 252.6KB) Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Minutes (PDF 140.9KB)
14 April 2020  Online  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 34.7MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Minutes (PDF 152KB)
14 April 2020  Online  Development and Environment Committee (PDF 1.9MB)   Development and Environment Committee Minutes (PDF 98.5KB)
23 March 2020 Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting

 Attachments Document

Mayoral Minute CCL20/32a

Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 192.2KB)
9 March 2020  Dubbo  Development and Environment Committee   Development and Environment Committee (PDF 139.5KB)
9 March 2020  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee
Infrastructure and Liveability Committee (PDF 133.9KB)
 9 March 2020  Dubbo  Culture Economy and Corporate Committee   Culture Economy and Corporate Committee (PDF 100.2KB)
 24 February 2020 Dubbo Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 27.9MB)
Ordinary Council Meeting (PDF 126.6KB)
 10 February 2020 Dubbo Development and Environment Committee Meeting (PDF 1.8MB)   Development and Environment (PDF 438.1KB) 
 10 February 2020  Dubbo  Infrastructure and Liveability Committee Meeting (PDF 16.8MB)   Infrastructure and Liveability (PDF 457.2KB)
 10 February 2020 Dubbo Culture, Economy and Corporate Committee Meeting (PDF ~~~DocAnnotation.size.42105 (PDF 438.1KB)~~~)   Culture, Economy and Corporate (PDF 566.7KB)
 28 January 2020  Dubbo  Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 8.1MB)   Extraordinary Council Meeting (PDF 617.1KB)

Archived business papers

Council business papers and minutes from May 2016 to December 2018 can be found in the meeting archive.

Browse the meeting archive.

More information

For further information or if you would like to request access to a business paper not provided for above, please contact Council's Executive Manager Governance and Internal Control on 02 6801 4000.               

Finance and Policy Committee Agenda
Finance and Policy Committee Agenda
Finance and Policy Committee Agenda
Finance and Policy Committee Agenda
Ordinary Council Agenda 
Ordinary Council Agenda 
Ordinary Council Agenda 
Ordinary Council Agenda 
Ordinary Council Agenda 
Planning and Development Committee Agenda
Planning and Development Committee Agenda

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